IT’S MY LAST DAY IN SPAIN!!!! Time flew by, just like I knew it would. I have loved every second of my time here!!!! I’m going to send some postcards and then enjoy my afternoon hanging with my family here. Cheers to 20 hours of travel tomorrow!


Spanish!!! – My First Writing

I’ve been taking Spanish lessons for about two months now. Learning a new language is hard work, but I love it so much! My last assignment was to practice past tense by writing about my recent travels. Here is my story below! I had so much fun writing it and am pretty proud of it! My teacher and I corrected some small errors together and those mainly had to do with prepositions, which was also exciting! I can’t wait to keep getting better! 


Este mes pasado, he viajado a tres ciudades diferentes. Mientras estoy en España, he querido viajar un poco porque estoy cerca de mucho sitios que nunca había ido. Disfruté mi tiempo en la ciudad pequeña de Alcalá de Henares, y viajé a unas ciudades grandes también.

Primero, visité Barcelona. Solo fui por dos días, pero hice muchas cosas! Volé de Madrid a Barcelona la mañana del sábado. En mi opinión, fue una idea buena porque tuve mas tiempo para explorar. En un coche, habría tomado seis horas, pero en avión, tomó uno y media horas. En Barcelona, caminé a la playa primero. Yo ví Las Ramblas y la Marcet de la Boqueria en camino. El mercado estaba lleno de gente, pero las calles estaban vacías en la mañana. El tiempo estaba hermoso! En la tarde, ví la Sagrada Familia. Fue increíble! Después de eso, fui al tour de caminar por tres horas. Aprendí mucho! A las ocho, fui a mi hostel. Tomé una siesta antes de ir abajo a la cocina para la cena. En la cena, conocí a dos chicas de Escocia. Jugamos unos juegos hasta que salimos a los bares. Fue divertido, sin embargo, no me sentí bien al día siguiente. ¡Ups! Después de dormir en un banco la mañana del domingo, caminé al Parque Güell antes de volver al aeropuerto. Me encantó Barcelona!

El fin de semana siguiente, me embarqué en un tren a Lisboa. Estaba entusiasmada con ir a un país nuevo! El tren salió a las diez de la noche de viernes. Dormí durante el viaje a Lisboa – por las diez horas! Cuando el tren llegó, caminé diez kilómetros de la estación al centro de la ciudad. No tomé el metro porque la tarjeta de transportes público que me compré estaba en el centro de la ciudad. No quise gastar más! Finalmente, yo empecé a explorar. Mis dos partes favoritas fueron conocer amigos nuevos y ser la única persona en el elevador y en el arco. Me desperté temprano el domingo entonces pude ver todas las cosas de mi lista. Después, visité un castillo en Sintra con mi amigo y cogí un tren otra vez. Llegué a Alcalá de Henares en la mañana de lunes. Estaba muy cansada, pero muy contenta.              

Por último, pasé el fin de semana pasado en Madrid. Aunque vivo muy cerca de Madrid, aún no lo había visitado. Un amigo mio de los Estados Unidos estaba visitandome, entonces fuimos juntos a Madrid. Mis amigos que viven en Madrid me dieron muchas recomendaciones de cosas para ver. En sábado, vimos la catedral y el palacio. Miramos la puesta de sol desde una azotea. A/por la noche, fuimos a bailar con nuestros amigos nuevos de nuestro hostel. No nos acostamos hasta las ocho de la mañana! Después dormimos por dos horas, fuimos al museo del Prado. Almorzamos en la plaza mayor. Comí arroz negro y mi amigo comió paella de carne. Volvimos a Alcalá de Henares con el tiempo para ver la puesta de sol desde mi montaña favorita. Después de la cena, nos acostamos porque estábamos muy cansado.

He tenido un tiempo increíble en España. Estoy feliz de viajar a sitios nuevos. No puedo esperar para volver a Europa y continuar explorando.



It’s official…

…I’m a crazy dog mom! I never thought this would happen to me. And while some people might say I’ve been one for a while, I can officially recognize myself as one now. I am so obsessed with my little guy lately! His four-year-old self is just too cute. His off-leash behavior, his on-leash behavior, his relaxed personality (whenever he’s with me!), his up-for-anything attitude, his eagerness to please – it’s just all adorable.

We hiked yesterday and I let him off his leash for a while. He walked ahead calmly, staying on the trail and looking back every once in a while to make sure I was back there – I couldn’t stop smiling!

Here’s a list of the commands/words he knows up to this point: sit, stay, lay down, off, leave it, walk, eat, leash, wait, okay, place, shake, other paw, crouch, twirl, roll over, through, come, heel, and fix it. I can’t think of any more at the moment, but he’s SO good at learning new tricks. He can learn a new command in just a few minutes! It’s really funny when we practice all of them though, because as soon as he sees the training treats, he starts crazily doing all his tricks. It’s hilarious, but kind of sad because I don’t give him anything unless he does it after I say it. So he’ll run over and place beside me, lay down and roll over, get up and twirl, then do a crazy jump, come back and place beside me and then look up at me with the most proud expression on his face, all without me saying a word! I have to hold back my laughter and calmly give him a command so that he can follow it and get his treat!



Life Update: April 2017

I don’t know where I’ll be next fall, but I know I’ll be somewhere new! I officially checked the “No” box on my letter of intent for next school year. Most people think I’m crazy to close this door before another one opens, but I just KNOW it’s my time to move on. I love everything about my area and my job, and honestly could see myself staying here forever. That’s exactly the problem though – with nothing to kick my butt in gear, I could easily just stay here. And as much as I do love it, I have always wanted to travel the world.

Right now, with nothing to tie me down, I figure I better take advantage of this freedom and travel. Of course, I’ll miss my friends here and I’ll miss being only 2 hours from my family. I’ll miss the school I’ve worked at for the past three years and the community I’ve become a part of. I’ll miss getting to have past students stop in to say hi and I’ll miss living in Northern Virginia. I’ll miss my proximity to D.C. and all the fun times my friends will keep having here. BUT. Life is a collection of missed and taken experiences. There’s nothing I’d rather do right now than attempt to create my next adventure, and to see what kind of experiences I can fill this next phase of my life with.

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post. I just like posts better when they have pictures…and this was the only picture saved on my desktop..so here you go.


To-Do List Happiness

Nothing beats the feeling of a completed to-do list. Especially when you get it done in the morning and have the whole afternoon with nothing hanging over your head!

In college, I remember having huge page long to-do lists that I followed each week. It helped me fit in my class assignments, work study hours, and student teaching lesson planning. I remember including things like grocery shopping, working out, showering, and even calling my mom on those lists as well!

Lately, I haven’t used a list as much. Normally, my weeks are pretty routine and I have specific times I do most things. If I do have something additional to do, I pretty much tackle it as soon as I’m able to without needing to write it down. This week though, I had acquired quite a long to-do list and had planned to do it all today on my day off! (Election day, yay!! Side note – GO VOTE!!!! There’s really nothing else like being part of a nationwide decision.) Before going to vote, I woke up and got right to work doing a few tasks on my computer and phone. I called the airline I’m flying with this weekend about foot accommodations, called about some doctor’s bills, cancelled an online subscription, and completed a few other odds and ends. After that, I deep cleaned the whole house. I haven’t been able to do it since before I hurt my foot, so I feel GREAT being able to relax in the freshly cleaned space. I also showered and made myself a yummy lunch before walking to my polling place and voting. After getting back, I cleaned the entire inside of my car, too. I was really in a cleaning mood!

Having completed my list now, I feel so content. And it’s only 3pm! I feel more and more like myself again as my foot heals little by little. I didn’t realize how much it had pushed pause on my normal life. It seems obvious that it would, but lately I’ve been so ready to just get back to normal! Having and tackling this to-list is such a small, but happy thing for me, and it’s just one of those things that makes me feel like ME.

This random feeling of happiness over something so small is also such a Sarah thing, and I’m happy for that too!

My next overarching to-dos are to research teaching internationally and to research logistics for thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. I’m getting antsy and I’m ready to do something BIG!!



As I crutched it out of the school building today about an hour after dismissal, a friendly voice called out, “Hey, Ms. Rogers, how’s your foot doing?”

I paused and looked up to see a boy riding toward me on a bike. As he got closer, I squinted to peer at the face under the helmet. He looked familiar, but I still couldn’t quite place him. My mind whirred as it finally clicked the pieces together – he had been a student in a classroom in my hallway either last year or the year before.

(As you can tell from that account, my memory isn’t the greatest – especially with placing faces. Earlier this year, I talked to one of my former students, and I couldn’t remember if I had her last year or the year before….and I only had those two options! And she was my own student! I don’t think I’ll ever be that teacher who remembers the name of every kid she’s ever had. But I already get teary-eyed when I reunite with many of my former students, so it’s not that they don’t make an impact on me and become a part of my life forever. ❤️ Plus I eventually remembered which year I had her..that just doesn’t bode well for 10 years down the road when I have many more classes to think through.)

As recognition dawned on me, I smiled brightly at the boy. He slowed his bike as he approached me, pedaling slowly. “It could be better,” I replied honestly, “but it is healing!” He smiled back and continued on his way, a “cya!” thrown over his shoulder.

I continued crutching to my car, but the smile stayed on my face. As simple as that interaction was, it’s situations like those that I’ll miss so deeply when I move on from this place. Even just being a third year teacher, I’m a part of this community. Kids in younger grades whisper my name excitedly as they talk about what teacher they might get in 5th grade (along with tons of other great teachers in my school!), and those older kids who have gone to middle school keep in touch by writing me emails and they spread the love by telling younger kids how lucky they’d be to have me as a teacher.

I am fully a part of this community, and I love it with all my heart. I love going to sporting events, choir concerts, and plays at the middle school to see my past students doing things they love. I love volunteering at the family market that provides food to many families in my district. I love being a known teacher at the school with kids waving and smiling every time I walk anywhere.

I know that nothing can replace the spot I have in the lives of the students who have been in my classes over the past 3 years, but sometimes I feel guilty for planning to move on. I won’t be a part of their community anymore. I always remind myself that being comfortable somewhere is never a good enough reason not to explore other places in life, but it’s definitely moments like these that pull at my heart strings and make me know that this community will always hold a special place in my heart.

Last year, at Open House night, a student came running in waving a paper excitedly. Open House night is the first time the students see who their teacher is. “You’re at the top of my list for what teacher I wanted to get, and I got you!! How lucky am I?!” she chirped excitedly as she hugged all the air out of me while showing me my name at the top of her handwritten list. She went on to explain that I had subbed in her room for a bit one day last year, and that from that moment on she knew she wanted me as her teacher. As I thought back to that day, I had to laugh! When we’re short on substitutes, teachers are sometimes assigned to cover a classroom for half of their planning period. At the most, this would mean I was in the girl’s classroom for 30 minutes. I remember walking into the fourth grade room, sitting down, and looking out at the students as they worked on worksheets that they had already started. I think I introduced myself and said something about how some of them might be in my class next year, but I’m pretty sure that was the extent of it! From that small interaction that I barely remember, this girl had chosen to hope and wish and write a physical list with my name right there at the top. Small moments often remind me how big of an impact we can have on someone else (especially kids) without even realizing it, and this was definitely one of those moments.

At the same time, moments like my interaction with the past student on a bike also remind me what an impact such a small situation can have on me. It’s often these tiny, unobtrusive moments that most make me stop and think about how much I’ll miss this community I’ve found for myself here. ❤



Life on One Leg

***Warning: This post contains some talk about injuries and medical procedures that might make some people squeamish. Proceed with caution!***


A little less than a month ago, I was on the phone with my mom while lounging in the hammock out back. Things had been winding down after the craziness of moving into a new place and then starting a new school year, and I finally felt that I had some free time. I believe my exact words to her were, “I’m almost bored at the moment…” I followed this up with my excitement to join a gym, a church in the area, and to volunteer some of my time each week, but lo and behold, those fateful words had already been uttered.


A few days after the conversation with my mom, my roommate and I were getting ready for our housewarming party. We had spent all morning cleaning, organizing, and prepping food, and there were only about 10 more minutes before guests would start arriving. My roommate’s boyfriend and a few of his friends were already there, and we were just doing a few last finishing touches. I decided this would be the perfect time to empty the dishes that had been drying in the dish strainer. Without paying too much attention, I took all the pieces of the food processor and sloppily pieced them back together. Carrying them toward the pantry, I was going to get the box out, set them in it, and then place it back on the shelf. My roommate was standing next to me when I used one hand to open the pantry door. All of the sudden, I dropped the whole food processor. As it fell, I sort of stepped back – kind of just moving my feet like you do when something is falling toward them. At that moment, I felt an intense heat in my foot and then saw blood start to gather on the rug. “Who’s hurt?!?” was my first question! I looked down and realized it was my own foot, and I immediately ran to the kitchen to try to save the rug. (When renting this house, the owners had been very particular about the rug so my roommate and I are always SUPER careful to keep it looking pristine.) Amazingly enough, everyone sprang into action without too much freaking out. “Why did this have to happen!!” I complained as the boys there started giving me orders to sit down and elevate my foot and put pressure on the wound. The blade had gone right into the bottom of my foot and had sliced pretty deep – somehow I had dropped it and then stepped on it all in a matter of a second! I yelled to my roommate to just focus on the carpet, because it really was a huge mess and I knew it would be good for her to focus on that instead of my sliced open foot. A stool was shoved under my foot, a towel was wrapped around it, and my friend Eddie grabbed on and started applying pressure to the wound. I knew I would need stitches immediately, and after pulling the towel back to quickly look, the boys agreed with my initial assessment.

Without any conversation, it was decided who would come with me to get all fixed up and who would stay behind to welcome the guests that would be arriving any minute. As I was carried out the door and placed in the car, I smiled for a picture before we went on our way.



The two friends who ended up coming with me were really the perfect balance of seriousness to get things done and silliness to keep me distracted and happy. We joked that we were getting a true bonding experience after only having known each other for a few weeks. Our first stop at patient first ended up being pointless. The nurse and doctor took one look at how deep the wound was and sent us packing to the ER. When we got there, it had probably been about an hour from the time I had first gotten hurt. By this time, the adrenaline was wearing off and I have to admit I cried a little as I told the ER receptionists my phone number and address. I pulled myself back together though and went through the process of getting X-rays and talking to many doctors before finally someone came to do something with my injury. I do have to mention how kind everyone was in the ER. Especially compared to the first people we talked to at Patient First. In the ER, everyone went out of their way to make sure my friends could stay with me, and everyone was kind and welcoming. The attending doctor first came in to check out the wound. After getting my ‘okay,’ the doctor brought in some nurses who were just starting and a few other people just to watch the process. She told me that she was going to numb the area with a shot..and I made the mistake of asking if that shot was going to go near the wound. I should explain that up until this point, I hadn’t really felt any direct pain from the wound. I mainly kept being scared that it would hurt, and I was scared by how much blood was coming out, but it wasn’t actually painful. After I asked if the shot was going near the wound, she calmly and matter-of-factly explained that the shot was going IN THE WOUND.  That didn’t go over so well with me, but I also knew that it just had to be done. I held my friend’s hand, covered my face, and told her to keep telling me stories as the doctor got the shot ready. As the needle started to poke at the wound, I started loudly vocalizing my thoughts!!! Listening to stories just wasn’t enough to distract me from the pain, so I had to yell things. “I THOUGHT YOU WERE ONLY DOING ONE NEEDLE. WHY AREN’T YOU DONE YET? OMG IF I’M THIS LOUD NOW IMAGINE ME WHEN I GIVE BIRTH.” I kept up a random stream of consciousness for a good few minutes until she was done. As I peeled my hand from my face, I sheepishly blinked up at the bright lights and the amused smiles on everyone’s faces. I did feel a bit silly after all my commotion, but hey, it helped!

After rinsing out the wound to really see what we were dealing with, the attending doctor decided it was deep enough to call in the resident podiatrist. As soon as he walked in, my friends started making googly eyes at me. He was quite the cutie. That distracted me as he checked out the foot and decided it would be alright to stitch it up. Eleven stitches later and I was finally good to go! They chucked some crutches at me and sent me on my way.

I started getting used to life on crutches. Spoiler alert – it’s really hard! You can’t carry anything because you need your hands to work the crutches! I started carrying a backpack everywhere so that if I needed to bring anything anywhere (which happens pretty much constantly), then I would have some way to transport it. This works pretty well, although the backpack does put me off balance. One time it was too heavy and I stood up and then promptly toppled back over..putting weight on my off-limits foot on the way. Not my best moment on crutches. Even so, I was figuring life out.

I set up a follow-up appointment with the podiatrist, and just hoped he’d tell me the stitches would heal in a few weeks and I’d be good to go……

Fast forward to the appointment, and I sat in the chair trying with all my might to follow his instructions and bend my toes. My big toe just wouldn’t bend! I could move it up and down, but couldn’t get it to make the bending movement. The doctor thought some of this could be attributed to my foot being swollen and bruised, but he wanted me to go get an MRI just to be sure I hadn’t sliced through the tendon that makes your big toe bend.  He was able to schedule me an emergency MRI for that same afternoon, and let me tell you, an MRI is an experience in and of itself!

The next day, he called and shared the news that I was hoping to avoid. The MRI had shown that I had, in fact, sliced my tendon, and there was a 6mm separation in it. Although technically I could choose whether or not to get the surgery to repair the tendon, he shared that with me being young, active, and a runner, he would definitely get the surgery to make sure I could get back to doing the things I love.


So, last Friday, I had surgery to repair my tendon. While doing the surgery, the doctor actually found that I had sliced TWO tendons – the one to my big toe and my second toe. He fixed them both and said that everything else went well. He also ended up putting some nerve endings inside some muscle so I wouldn’t have nerve pain either. That sounds so gross, but if it will be good in the long run then I’m glad for it!

I still can’t believe how intense the recovery is for this surgery. At first, before the surgery, the stitches had run in a straight line across the arch of my foot. Now, I have an entire Z taking up most of my foot! I was in a lot of pain for the first week, and I still have some intense bouts of nerve pain, and then random pain near the stitches and in my toes. I can’t put any weight on it for three weeks, and then if all is going well, I can switch over to a boot. I have a huge splint/cast that goes from under my foot all the way up to my knee. I still can’t believe that all of this is happening. I’ve barely ever needed to use a bandaid in my life, and now this!


My students have been amazing during this whole process, and so has my Virginia community down here. People have been sending me well wishes, getting me recovery gifts (someone got me a brand new knee scooter!!), and making dinner for my roommate and I since I had the surgery. I feel overwhelmed by all the kindness.


In about 2 weeks, I’m flying out to Seattle to visit my brother and sister-in-law. I’ve had this trip planned since long before my injury/surgery. It should perfectly work out that I can switch to my boot right before traveling, so I hope everything goes as planned! I have a post-op appointment each week, and I even squeezed an extra one in last week. During that appointment, the doctor said things were already looking even better than they had been two days prior.

I’m still counting down the days until I can wear two matching shoes! Not only that, but I’m counting down until I can start running again, going on walks, taking care of Kato, walking around while teaching, taking a normal shower, going hiking, riding on my dad’s motorcycle, and so much more! This whole experience has really put things in perspective. Although I often consider myself lucky, it’s an entirely different feeling to actually have to put those things you normally do on hold. When I get back to doing all of my favorite things, I hope I can really hold on to this gratefulness for all the things I often take for granted.



Giving it Time

When I was traveling to Ireland and my canceled flight led to a 24 hour layover, I spent a lot of time with a woman who was going to be on my flight. We enjoyed our meals together and hung out and talked as we waited to get on our flight the next day. One of the stories she shared is something that has stuck with me as it relates to my current situation in a way. She talked about this person she knows (let’s call her R), and how R is always moving around in life. R has a teaching degree and has had many jobs in various states over the past few years. She constantly moves to a new area, tries it out for a few months, and then decides she doesn’t like it and moves somewhere else.

When I first moved to Virginia, I was so overwhelmed by all the newness – my new job, my new apartment, my new dog, my new area. I was kept so busy by it all, and with keeping in touch with my old friends, that I couldn’t even really have an opinion as to whether or not I liked my new spot. I was pretty taken with my job right away and I was liking hanging with Kato and relaxing, but it didn’t necessarily feel like home at all for the first..6 months maybe. Thinking about R and her quick decisions about whether or not a place was home for her made me think about what my decision would have been if I had to make it so soon after moving somewhere. A year and a half later, I can fully say that I love my area, the people there, my job, and everything about it. I do have a tendency to grow where I’m planted, so it’s not surprising to me that I’m happy where I am, but if you would have asked me 6 months in versus now, my answer would have had different emphasis.

You have to give yourself time to adjust and enjoy a place, and to fully explore all that somewhere can be. Even to become close to new friends, you have to give it time. One of my very best friends right now is a friend from my new area. I wouldn’t have told you this would be the case a year ago!

If I could give R some advice, I would tell her to slow down and give it time. It’s completely okay for a place to not be right for you, but it needs a fair chance to be explored for all that it can be.