It’s official…

…I’m a crazy dog mom! I never thought this would happen to me. And while some people might say I’ve been one for a while, I can officially recognize myself as one now. I am so obsessed with my little guy lately! His four-year-old self is just too cute. His off-leash behavior, his on-leash behavior, his relaxed personality (whenever he’s with me!), his up-for-anything attitude, his eagerness to please – it’s just all adorable.

We hiked yesterday and I let him off his leash for a while. He walked ahead calmly, staying on the trail and looking back every once in a while to make sure I was back there – I couldn’t stop smiling!

Here’s a list of the commands/words he knows up to this point: sit, stay, lay down, off, leave it, walk, eat, leash, wait, okay, place, shake, other paw, crouch, twirl, roll over, through, come, heel, and fix it. I can’t think of any more at the moment, but he’s SO good at learning new tricks. He can learn a new command in just a few minutes! It’s really funny when we practice all of them though, because as soon as he sees the training treats, he starts crazily doing all his tricks. It’s hilarious, but kind of sad because I don’t give him anything unless he does it after I say it. So he’ll run over and place beside me, lay down and roll over, get up and twirl, then do a crazy jump, come back and place beside me and then look up at me with the most proud expression on his face, all without me saying a word! I have to hold back my laughter and calmly give him a command so that he can follow it and get his treat!