To-Do List Happiness

Nothing beats the feeling of a completed to-do list. Especially when you get it done in the morning and have the whole afternoon with nothing hanging over your head!

In college, I remember having huge page long to-do lists that I followed each week. It helped me fit in my class assignments, work study hours, and student teaching lesson planning. I remember including things like grocery shopping, working out, showering, and even calling my mom on those lists as well!

Lately, I haven’t used a list as much. Normally, my weeks are pretty routine and I have specific times I do most things. If I do have something additional to do, I pretty much tackle it as soon as I’m able to without needing to write it down. This week though, I had acquired quite a long to-do list and had planned to do it all today on my day off! (Election day, yay!! Side note – GO VOTE!!!! There’s really nothing else like being part of a nationwide decision.) Before going to vote, I woke up and got right to work doing a few tasks on my computer and phone. I called the airline I’m flying with this weekend about foot accommodations, called about some doctor’s bills, cancelled an online subscription, and completed a few other odds and ends. After that, I deep cleaned the whole house. I haven’t been able to do it since before I hurt my foot, so I feel GREAT being able to relax in the freshly cleaned space. I also showered and made myself a yummy lunch before walking to my polling place and voting. After getting back, I cleaned the entire inside of my car, too. I was really in a cleaning mood!

Having completed my list now, I feel so content. And it’s only 3pm! I feel more and more like myself again as my foot heals little by little. I didn’t realize how much it had pushed pause on my normal life. It seems obvious that it would, but lately I’ve been so ready to just get back to normal! Having and tackling this to-list is such a small, but happy thing for me, and it’s just one of those things that makes me feel like ME.

This random feeling of happiness over something so small is also such a Sarah thing, and I’m happy for that too!

My next overarching to-dos are to research teaching internationally and to research logistics for thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. I’m getting antsy and I’m ready to do something BIG!!