Flying with Crutches – Part 1

Ah! I love flying so much, and my flight to Seattle leaves at 7 tomorrow morning. It’s 8pm now and my Uber is picking me up to bring me to the airport at 4:30am!

I normally only feel excitement before a flight, but this time I’m a little bit nervous! And the only reason is because of my foot. I called the airline multiple times and arranged a few different things. First of all, I have an allowance to bring my crutches and a sleeping boot and any other medical things at no extra charge. This means that I have an extra bag to carry around though, which isn’t so great when I already have a bag with my clothes and a coat on and crutches and everything. I’m also trying to get through without checking a bag or purchasing a carry-on. My bag right now definitely fits the personal item requirements, but only when it’s on a flat surface and squished into those dimensions haha. It’s just a large bag, but I chose it over another one because it does have extra room for my other medical bag, too. I’m just worried they’ll charge me for having a large bag! But hopefully the fact that I have the medical allowance will let everything work out fine. The other thing I arranged was for someone to push me in a wheelchair around the airport! I honestly feel super weird about this and I’d rather it wasn’t necessary, but I know that I shouldn’t push myself to walk and end up hurting my foot.

Before I get a few hours of sleep, I should go look up where I need to go once I get to the airport!

I’m looking forward to posting an update here that says, “Everything went perfectly!” So let’s all hope for that!!!!!!


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