“It’s fine!”

It’s been interesting having to rely on others for certain things while I’ve been on one leg these past few weeks. I didn’t quite realize how strongly I would feel about not wanting to be a burden. I never want to inconvenience anyone or give people extra work, so I’ve figured out how to do most things on my own. My friends and coworkers always do whatever they can for me, and sometimes get frustrated with me when I don’t let them help.

Yesterday at dinner, talking about my insistence to do things for myself brought the conversation around to my attitude/perspective on life – how everything is always fine in my eyes, I don’t wallow, and I stay positive no matter what. The comments/impersonations about it cracked me up. “Everything is fine!” “You could be complaining about the worst thing in the world, but then it always ends with a ‘but it’s fine though!'” “Oh, one of my hands is missing, but it’s fine, 5 fingers are better than 0. Who really needs 10 anyway when 5 are fine?”

To hear that this is how others see my perspective on life, I really couldn’t stop smiling! I’m pretty well known for my positive attitude, but life isn’t always all sunshine and roses. I’m glad to hear that I still portray the idea that life is good even when things aren’t going perfectly. I never realized how often I do say things are “fine,” but after hearing my friends say it, I realized that really is my line when things aren’t going well!

At parent teacher conferences earlier in the day yesterday, one parent told me a funny story. She said that one day she was at home complaining about the weather. Her daughter told her, “Is that negativity I hear?! Ms. Rogers tells us we always have to be positive. What good are you bringing to the world with that negativity?” The mom said that she couldn’t help but laugh and be appreciative, while also grumbling about the fact that her daughter (and me from afar!) wasn’t letting her wallow in her grumpiness.

From my own experiences, I know what having a positive attitude can do for you. It can encourage self-confidence, contentedness, and a sense of wonder about the world and the people in it. I know that my life could be very different without my positive attitude, and I feel sad for those who surround themselves with negativity, or choose to view things without any positivity.

Another phrase I say to my students often is “You only get this moment in life once! Even if we’re just doing a worksheet, why not give your all and really live in this moment?!” That’s truly how I live my life and I hope to spread that idea to others. It doesn’t mean you can’t be sad, frustrated, or unhappy about something, but hey, things could always be worse, and there’s always a way that you can turn your thinking around to assure yourself that “it’s fine!”



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