2 months to go!

I think my “just go for it!” attitude might bite me in the butt this time – there are exactly two months until my first marathon! my “training” so far has consisted of a few 4 miles runs…and one 6 mile run. sooooo yeah. Alicia tells me that just because I ran a half marathon last summer (after minimal training – which compared to my training now was actually so much!!) does not mean I can just up and run a full marathon this summer after no training. while I still have two months to go…I also have tons of plans between now and then! this weekend I’m heading up to state college for the annual Blue and White game so there will be lots of driving and hanging out with friends, and not really any time for running. this does not bode well as my race comes closer and closer!!! hopefully I’ll be back in a few weeks with a better running update!