Growing Up, Thoughts

A Stage of Life

Mid-20s. I think I’m officially in my mid-20s since I’m 24!! EEEK!

I’ve been thinking about this stage of life a bit lately. Mainly because…everything is fine and peachy in my life. There’s nothing wrong and everything is going great. My job, my relationships (romantic, friends, family, everything!), my workout routine, my eating – everything is just good/great! There’s nothing wrong, but there’s also nothing SUPER exciting! I’ve heard from a lot of people and read a lot of articles about how it’s okay to not have your life together at all in your 20s, and I really appreciate reading things like that. No one should feel ashamed or embarrassed that their life doesn’t ‘measure up’ to other people’s lives (who even knows what is really going on in anyone else’s life?! I’m a huge supporter of never, ever comparing) or isn’t how they expected their life to look at this point.

This is kind of rambly, but I don’t know if I even really have a point. I’m not even sitting here wishing for life to get exciting (because I know that could come in bad terms as well! sitting here without stress and with everything good is AMAZING!!!). I just find this phase of life interesting! Previously, I was always moving toward something and following the ‘path of life.’ I always had a new year of school, a graduation, a move, etc. to think ahead to. Now, I’m kind of just doing my thing. And my thing is great! I teach my students every single day and have such great connections with them that I leave feeling happy and successful. I’m training (slowly – come on warm weather!) for a marathon in the spring and gearing up for a 30 day eating challenge in March. I have spring break coming up at the tail end of March and Matt and I are thinking of going on a short little roadtrip. So I have exciting things coming and I have goals and hobbies – I think maybe it’s just interesting to me that now that I’m an adult, I need to create these hobbies, experiences, and goals?

Elyse was visiting a few weeks ago and we went hiking on Sunday. Before we got off the couch to go, we laughed a little about the fact that if we wanted to go, we needed to get off the couch and go ourselves! I don’t know if I’m explaining this well at all haha but there’s no parent to say, “Hey, who wants to go hiking today!” or to suggest anything really! I’m the one in charge and it’s different!Manassas Battlefield


My parents and one of my sisters came to visit this weekend and I laughed to myself as it got closer to dinnertime and I waited for my mom to start dinner in my kitchen!!! In all honesty, it was late and I was tired, so if I had been home alone I probably just wouldn’t have eaten, which might have contributed a little to my reliance on her. But still! I really should have been the one up and catering to my guests. I’m imagining that I’ll fall more into that role as I get older and more established on my own, but who knows, maybe I’ll always wait for my mom to cook dinner no matter where I live (somehow I don’t think she’d love that lol).

So, in conclusion, finally, all in all, and overall (we worked on conclusion words last week)…everything is GOOD!!!!!! I’m doing my thing…everything is good…and that’s that.

Amen. (I don’t know. It felt like it needed a more important ending.)


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