I just went through and made about 20 drafts with titles and 1-2 sentences in each body. I have so many thoughts and ideas running through my head lately and not enough time and focus to fully embody any of them yet. But just wait! Good things are coming.

In other news, I graduated with my Master’s degree is special education 2 weeks ago!!!

IMG_7841 - Version 3

IMG_7822 - Version 2





Family ❤ minus George who drove up separately so he could get back to work the next morning (shoutout to Diana for winking at the camera)



I’ve been splitting my time between subbing in the local school district and heading to a campus office to complete 20 hours of work each week there for a project for the special education department. This Friday, I’m getting to sub in a 6th grade room and I’m so excited to be back in an upper-grade room after teaching K-2 this whole semester. I’ve been in contact with the teacher and she was so excited to hear from me. She told her students to be ready for a great sub on Friday, and I can’t wait!




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