Setting Up for Success

I’ve been feeling successful lately at a lot of what I’m doing! I’m able to get my work done for each week in a methodical and relaxing way, as compared to how I was doing it for a few months there. A few tips that I’ve been doing the past two weeks:

– numbering things on my to-do list. for example, I have a whole list of things to that I had to get done tonight after getting back from classes and gym time on campus. Some of these things included applying to more schools, doing my weekly journal, preparing lesson plans for next week, making a study guide, writing some emails, paying bills, and so on. instead of just looking at this whole list, being overwhelmed, and going to read buzzfeed articles, I made an order earlier today so that when I got home I could just start right away with number 1. I didn’t have to hem and haw and decide what to do first.

– in addition to numbering items, I also added showering and eating dinner to my list! This got numbered as #4, and that helped to make sure I got some important things done first (because oftentimes showering and eating becomes a longer process than I plan for), while also allowing me to feel productive when I finish these necessary activities! without having them on my list, it makes me feel like i wasted an hour or so. 

I think these are the only major changes, and I think the real change has come from the semester beginning to wind down. either way, I’m really appreciating the success I feel before going to bed each night!

setting yourself up for success is exactly how you achieve it! xoxo






I read this quote today and immediately wrote it down. I’m really identifying with it and I’m going to use it to change my mindset! As much as I love my fitness journey, sometimes I find myself too focused on the end goal. I’m excited for what I will look like ‘someday’ instead of loving my body and self right here at this exact moment. It’s such a delicate balance – being happy where you are while working toward goals. I made this to be my phone background so I can be reminded of it often.