Being an Adult

I’m loving growing up lately! Even though this is a weird and crazy time, I’m having so much fun planning for the future. I have so many dreams and ideas of what this future will look like (and still plenty of question marks to go with it!) but I also have such a strong feeling that no matter what happens and where I end up, I will thrive.

****p.s. These thoughts were brought on by the fact that my first credit card is on my way to me in the mail! I’m so excited to build good credit!! I have a whole philosophy on only buying things that you have the means for at this moment (for example, I really don’t ever want to have a car payment!! but I’m also never saying never because nice cars are awesome, but if I can find ways not to have a payment I will always work to do that first! anyway, tangent aside…), but I also know that having good credit is helpful in life! I’m just excited!!!


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