I’m sitting on the porch right now!!!!!!

First time in 2014! I’ll be staying in the house I’m in now over the summer too, so there will be many, many, many more porch sits right here in 2014. This glimpse of nice weather is such a mood booster for everyone and I can’t wait until it’s here to stay. 

Today was such a productive day off. I woke up with some morning yoga – inversion practice to be precise (I still have a long way to go on that front), went on a 4-mile run, came home and showered and did some homework from my to-do list, went grocery shopping, refilled my ink cartridges, prepped all my fresh fruits and veggies for the week, and now I’m sitting on the porch crossing more things off of my to-do list. Matt’s going to come over for dinner in a little bit and then I’ll go pick up Frankie at the bus station later tonight. Although I could use another day or two off from school, I’m glad to have gotten these past 2 and I’m hoping the rest of this week can be just as productive!


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