30 day posting challenge, Photography, Random

On March 10, 2013…



I took these pictures:



















Haha! I remember this day – although I don’t remember doing so much. I know that I was playing with Elyse’s camera (obviously loving the macro), and then my family came up to drop Alicia off after spring break (I had to stay up here for the week because I had to teach) and stopped by to say hi and bring me some things, and then apparently Ryan, Elyse, Matt and I went to Red Lobster for dinner!

Whenever I upload pictures to WordPress from iPhoto, I normally just click on ‘Last Import’ because what I’m uploading is mainly recent. However, when I was looking for an older photo recently, I found a ‘Last 12 Months’ option. This is what I have been clicked on now for the past few times I’ve uploaded pictures, and I’ve really found it fun to scroll through what I was doing last year around this time. iPhoto really does update daily and includes the pictures you took on this exact date a year ago as the first pictures in the category. When I have a chance, I’d really like to scroll through the whole 12 months and pick out some of my favorite pictures I’ve never shared. Scrolling through quickly gave me tons more ideas for blog posts – especially one sharing some of my awesome Australia pictures that I never posted!!!



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