Phone Note from Nov. 22, 2013

(Typed into my phone notes app immediately after my presentation at the 2013 Annual Conference of the National Council for the Social Studies – I jotted my thoughts down so I wouldn’t forget!)

THAT WAS FUN. about 15 people there. we went back and forth to talk, I asked [my co-presenter and previous professor] to jump in to respond to peoples’ answers because that’s something I’m still working on. we decided when to give out handouts and [my co-presenter] had seen earlier that there was a computer hookup, so he had made a quick powerpoint. we put the chairs in a circle. people did join in and it was good! they had a lot of prior opinions and their own viewpoints and that’s why they chose the session so it was interesting. i learned a lot! and I can’t wait to have some more experience to feel that I have more to contribute too! but [my co-presenter] said i did great and really it was fun!!!!!! at one point I got up and was pointing at the graph on the screen and I walked backwards into the wall lol it was funny. a few people smiled like I would have but a few looked concerned lol. one lady at the end came in with an economy perspective, like standing up for it and it was weird! I could feel my face being bright red the entire time so I can’t wait till that doesn’t happen anymore!!!!! but it was fun and good!

IMG_4882 IMG_4890IMG_4955IMG_4961


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