Class Assignment – Weekly Journal #7

From Student Teaching to TEACHING!

I’m so excited for the future! My student teaching experiences these past two years have been such perfect fits for me, and it’s such an awesome experience to feel myself growing and learning. I often think it would be fun to go back and do my student teaching from last year over again with the knowledge and confidence I have now, and I’m already thinking in this way about this semester – that if I could start again with what I know now, it would be a completely different experience. But that’s just the purpose, you learn so much from student teaching, and from every year of teaching in general!
As I told my mentor teacher today that we were out of lamination sheets, I stopped myself and asked, “Wait, what do you actually do when we’re out of lamination sheets?!” Even though I’ve had the opportunity to student teach full time and “run” the classroom in my different placements, it’s always still been under the role of student teacher. Being a student teacher in someone else’s classroom, no matter how great of an experience, is not the same as actually being in charge of your own room and every single thing that goes on inside of it. I don’t think I had realized how many little things a teacher really does each day. Even when I am teaching the entire day, I think there are still small things that my mentor teacher does without my even realizing it.
Thinking in this way makes me even more excited for the future though, and I can’t wait to have my own classroom! The potential opportunity to be the teacher this summer in the classroom that I’m student teaching in now is such a perfect way to transition from student teacher to teacher. It will be so great to get some experience actually being the full time teacher before I go off this fall and start my first full year of teaching somewhere new and crazy. With all of the stress that comes with making decisions about the future, I’m very glad to feel such excitement about what is to come.

this week in the elementary school: Dr. Suess week!
this week in the elementary school: Dr. Seuss week!

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