Habits of the Highly Creative

I love THIS article I found on Huffington Post today.

I felt myself relax as I read it, almost like it was a validation of how I’ve been feeling lately, or maybe even an ‘excuse’ for some of the ways I’ve been feeling/being, or some of the ways that I hope to be.

It’s so interesting though, how relatable so much online content is these days. I was talking yesterday to a friend about how there are so many articles shared on facebook now each day. I love it and love reading through the ones I’m interested in. We talked about whether this is because there is more online content available or if it actually has to do with the fact that we’re older and people our age are spending more time reading things and becoming more worldly. (Although half of the articles posted are buzzfeed articles, so I can’t really say anyone is becoming that much more worldly.)

But back to the idea of relatable content – it’s so easy to see yourself in something you’re reading or hearing about. It’s human nature to want to relate and assimilate. I don’t think this is a bad thing at all – and I often find myself nodding and smiling to almost everything on many of those numbered lists that are going around.

I’m all about self-love lately and being true to who you are without apologizing or being jealous of others that have those abilities/qualities that you don’t. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t always try to be a better you, and work to attain any abilities or qualities that you don’t already possess – but I can be a terrible singer, for example, and be completely okay with the fact that other people are amazing singers (including everyone else in my family!). I can know that I can be stubborn sometimes – and while I can work to be aware of this and let that awareness guide when and when not to reign that in – I can also accept it and enjoy that it makes me me.

This is kind of a jumble of thoughts, but basically I enjoyed the article and I enjoyed the fact that I could see myself in it! Whether it’s 100% me or not, it made me smile and it gave me a fun, new perspective to look through. It was also motivating in that it encouraged me to see some of my current ways of thinking in a new way, and it reminded me to stop, take a breath, and do some of the things on the list.

Follow your passions.

Get lost in something – every second of every day doesn’t need to be planned out.

Take risks.

Fail and be okay with it.

Life isn’t so black and white all the time. Just because it’s 11:47pm and I have to be up early doesn’t mean I need to go to bed right now lol. Creative people might need to stay up right now!! Okay, I’m taking it a little far haha, but basically, even if I just need to create validation for some of the things going on, or a reason to relax in these coming weeks, that’s totally okay!



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