Room for More

He inspires me every day. His determination and perseverance. His grit. Always working harder to be better. Encouraging me to do the same. Working, working, working to reach his goals.


that doesn’t mean the emails don’t come.

“Not this time.”

“Not here.”

“Not now.”

And now he might have to put off his dream. Take a break from his goal. Wait. Decide. Wait.


what he doesn’t know,

is that now he just has room for more.

More dreams. Dreams that he hasn’t even discovered. Dreams that we haven’t even discovered. Dreams as big as the sky and as small as the backyard.

Across the couch or across the country,

we’ll have another year to explore those dreams. Explore the adventure. Explore the unknown.

It’s not an ending. It’s not a roadblock. It’s not what it seems.

In fact,

in reality,

it’s just room for more.


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