Go, go, go!

I got home from the elementary school around 5pm today after finishing up lessons for next week. I finished up a few last minute additions and then submitted my substitute teaching application so that I can sub from the time I graduate until my summer teaching position begins. Now I’m about to go for a run, come home and shower, cook and eat dinner, and then head out for a night with friends!

I have sooo much to do this weekend (officially apply to the district I’m working in next year – I’m always surprised by how long applications really take, study for my certification test next weekend, do a take-home test, write essays for an award I’m applying for, and do at LEAST 6 hours of work study!), but I’m letting myself breathe and go for my run before taking the rest of the night off.




I was offered 2 teaching contracts today at the job fair!! I’m so excited! I was just expecting to be told to apply online at all the schools, so to actually have great interviews and to be offered contracts with 2 different districts is amazing!!! One district is across the country and the other is in a neighboring state. I have 3 days to decide, so I have A LOT of thinking to do!

At this point though, I’m really leaning toward the position in the neighboring state.

My plan is to move to this new area, get a puppy, have awesome teaching experiences, and then travel all summer, every summer. I think it’s a perfect plan!


Being an Adult

I’m loving growing up lately! Even though this is a weird and crazy time, I’m having so much fun planning for the future. I have so many dreams and ideas of what this future will look like (and still plenty of question marks to go with it!) but I also have such a strong feeling that no matter what happens and where I end up, I will thrive.

****p.s. These thoughts were brought on by the fact that my first credit card is on my way to me in the mail! I’m so excited to build good credit!! I have a whole philosophy on only buying things that you have the means for at this moment (for example, I really don’t ever want to have a car payment!! but I’m also never saying never because nice cars are awesome, but if I can find ways not to have a payment I will always work to do that first! anyway, tangent aside…), but I also know that having good credit is helpful in life! I’m just excited!!!



I’m sitting on the porch right now!!!!!!

First time in 2014! I’ll be staying in the house I’m in now over the summer too, so there will be many, many, many more porch sits right here in 2014. This glimpse of nice weather is such a mood booster for everyone and I can’t wait until it’s here to stay. 

Today was such a productive day off. I woke up with some morning yoga – inversion practice to be precise (I still have a long way to go on that front), went on a 4-mile run, came home and showered and did some homework from my to-do list, went grocery shopping, refilled my ink cartridges, prepped all my fresh fruits and veggies for the week, and now I’m sitting on the porch crossing more things off of my to-do list. Matt’s going to come over for dinner in a little bit and then I’ll go pick up Frankie at the bus station later tonight. Although I could use another day or two off from school, I’m glad to have gotten these past 2 and I’m hoping the rest of this week can be just as productive!

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On March 10, 2013…



I took these pictures:



















Haha! I remember this day – although I don’t remember doing so much. I know that I was playing with Elyse’s camera (obviously loving the macro), and then my family came up to drop Alicia off after spring break (I had to stay up here for the week because I had to teach) and stopped by to say hi and bring me some things, and then apparently Ryan, Elyse, Matt and I went to Red Lobster for dinner!

Whenever I upload pictures to WordPress from iPhoto, I normally just click on ‘Last Import’ because what I’m uploading is mainly recent. However, when I was looking for an older photo recently, I found a ‘Last 12 Months’ option. This is what I have been clicked on now for the past few times I’ve uploaded pictures, and I’ve really found it fun to scroll through what I was doing last year around this time. iPhoto really does update daily and includes the pictures you took on this exact date a year ago as the first pictures in the category. When I have a chance, I’d really like to scroll through the whole 12 months and pick out some of my favorite pictures I’ve never shared. Scrolling through quickly gave me tons more ideas for blog posts – especially one sharing some of my awesome Australia pictures that I never posted!!!



Whirlwind Weekend

Missed a few days there! But that’s because I was home enjoying family on a weekend that just flew by.

A Shady Maple breakfast trip, surprise 70th birthday party for my Grandma, church services on Sunday, and then lunch with family followed by a little bit of shopping to finish it all up!



Phone Note from Nov. 22, 2013

(Typed into my phone notes app immediately after my presentation at the 2013 Annual Conference of the National Council for the Social Studies – I jotted my thoughts down so I wouldn’t forget!)

THAT WAS FUN. about 15 people there. we went back and forth to talk, I asked [my co-presenter and previous professor] to jump in to respond to peoples’ answers because that’s something I’m still working on. we decided when to give out handouts and [my co-presenter] had seen earlier that there was a computer hookup, so he had made a quick powerpoint. we put the chairs in a circle. people did join in and it was good! they had a lot of prior opinions and their own viewpoints and that’s why they chose the session so it was interesting. i learned a lot! and I can’t wait to have some more experience to feel that I have more to contribute too! but [my co-presenter] said i did great and really it was fun!!!!!! at one point I got up and was pointing at the graph on the screen and I walked backwards into the wall lol it was funny. a few people smiled like I would have but a few looked concerned lol. one lady at the end came in with an economy perspective, like standing up for it and it was weird! I could feel my face being bright red the entire time so I can’t wait till that doesn’t happen anymore!!!!! but it was fun and good!

IMG_4882 IMG_4890IMG_4955IMG_4961


Class Assignment – Weekly Journal #7

From Student Teaching to TEACHING!

I’m so excited for the future! My student teaching experiences these past two years have been such perfect fits for me, and it’s such an awesome experience to feel myself growing and learning. I often think it would be fun to go back and do my student teaching from last year over again with the knowledge and confidence I have now, and I’m already thinking in this way about this semester – that if I could start again with what I know now, it would be a completely different experience. But that’s just the purpose, you learn so much from student teaching, and from every year of teaching in general!
As I told my mentor teacher today that we were out of lamination sheets, I stopped myself and asked, “Wait, what do you actually do when we’re out of lamination sheets?!” Even though I’ve had the opportunity to student teach full time and “run” the classroom in my different placements, it’s always still been under the role of student teacher. Being a student teacher in someone else’s classroom, no matter how great of an experience, is not the same as actually being in charge of your own room and every single thing that goes on inside of it. I don’t think I had realized how many little things a teacher really does each day. Even when I am teaching the entire day, I think there are still small things that my mentor teacher does without my even realizing it.
Thinking in this way makes me even more excited for the future though, and I can’t wait to have my own classroom! The potential opportunity to be the teacher this summer in the classroom that I’m student teaching in now is such a perfect way to transition from student teacher to teacher. It will be so great to get some experience actually being the full time teacher before I go off this fall and start my first full year of teaching somewhere new and crazy. With all of the stress that comes with making decisions about the future, I’m very glad to feel such excitement about what is to come.

this week in the elementary school: Dr. Suess week!
this week in the elementary school: Dr. Seuss week!