I didn’t have internet while I was in Yamba for the week, so I got out of the habit of blogging and even taking pictures to some extent! It was a super relaxing week though and the beautiful views took my breath away. 

Now I’ve been back in Grafton for one last week and it flew by. I know that’s all I keep saying, but it’s true! It’s Saturday at 1 in the afternoon here and I’m almost all ready to go. I packed throughout the week, but as I told everyone, it was a lot easier to pack here because I really just needed to throw everything in a bag since I wasn’t deciding what to bring and what to keep home like I was when I was packing to come here. I’m allowed to take checked bags home so everything is fitting in those perfectly fine. M so nicely gave me an extra bag she had laying around so I don’t have to worry about fixing my broken one!

This morning I woke up and went for my last Grafton run before being picked up for breakfast with Heidi, Phyllis, and Chris at 8:30. We shopped in town for a little and we stopped at a few places to say some goodbyes before I came back to my host’s house. Now I’m mainly just charging my electronics until it’s time for my farewell dinner tonight! I’m going straight from dinner to the train station and then at 7am when my train gets into Sydney I’m entering the stressful situation of getting my luggage to my hotel and then myself to the airport all within 2 hours. I still think I’ll be fine, but I’ve been given lots of advice saying that I’ll never make it lol. I’m being stubborn though and trying it – so my fingers are crossed that it goes well!

It truly hasn’t hit me yet that I’m leaving. I remember thinking that 2 months was suchhhh a long time, and at this point it feels like I’ve been here for about a week! Even though I’m leaving Grafton now, I’m not leaving Australia as a whole until next week so I still have one more week of these gorgeous night skies and interesting plants and animals. I’ll be up at the Great Barrier Reef for this next week and I’m so excited that I even get to say that. =)

Wish me luck for tomorrow morning! As soon as I meet up with Frankie at the airport I’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief and everything will be smooth sailing from there. I can’t wait!


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