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Recent Highlights

>>> I’m back in town for the week, although it’s already Thursday night so another week is almost gone!! Being back in Grafton means these are my running views:




>>> Being back in town also means I get to go out to coffee (aka hot chocolate in my case) every day, and I can’t complain that Heidi and I have shared a caramel slice for the past two days!


>>> It’s fall here:


>>> I made Anzac biscuits a few nights ago!! The oven here at M’s house doesn’t work right now, so we went over to C’s for dinner and then to make the cookies. Dinner was DEEELICIOUS also and it was a lottt of food haha.



>>> And then I promptly fell asleep in a chair while watching Australian Celebrity Apprentice after baking. Thank goodness there’s photographic evidence of that, but not of me actually making the biscuits!

sleeping on chair

>>> While still staying with K and J, we went on a rainforest walk on Saturday and that was really fun! Actually we did tons of stuff on Saturday and squeezed in so much sightseeing. It was really foggy that day, but once we were in the rainforest it actually added to the effect and was quite pretty. I didn’t mind the rain at all. There were also some beautiful waterfalls along the walk.




>>> In terms of teaching, I’ve been on the Infants campus (grades K and 1) for the past two weeks. I spent my first two weeks on the Primary campus (grades 2-6), and I’m spending my last weeks 2 there as well. Since I student taught in 6th grade, it was definitely good to spend some time over on the Infants side. There’s so much to see while I’m here and I feel like I’m running out of time!


>>> Speaking of running out of time, I only have 2 weeks left here in Grafton!!!! I can’t believe it! This weekend C, M, B (an aide from the school) and I are traveling up to the Gold Coast! I’m really excited and glad to be getting to experience the Gold Coast while I’m here. We’re staying in a hotel for 2 nights and it should be really fun. When I get back on Sunday, I’m spending next week in Yamba, another coastal town around here, about 50 minutes from the school. Then that weekend, I’m spending Saturday in Yamba and Sunday I’m going up to Tenterfield with C and G and Heidi. My hosts in Yamba thought I’d be staying all the way till Monday, but we’ve had the Tenterfield trip planned for a while so I felt bad but I had to say that I could only stay till Saturday. Then that last week I’m coming back here to the first house I started in with M and J (which is where I am right now too). And THEN, I had originally been catching a train early on Saturday to head to Sydney, but now I’m getting a train later in the day so I have one extra day here. I had mentioned that I would love to go horseback riding back when I had first gotten here, and C asked around and found a teacher at the school who said I could come up and ride on that Saturday! Heidi is gonna ride with me and I’m excited about that too! So I have a full schedule until I go – both outside of school and in school – because I haven’t even been into a year 6 room yet! So I have to cram in a lot of observing/teaching in these last two weeks at the school. Then there’s one more week here in Australia, during which Frankie and I will be up in Cairns! I really can’t believe how little time is left here. I knew this would happen, but I still can’t stop saying it and thinking it haha. Time really flew by!!!


1 thought on “Recent Highlights”

  1. It’s so amazing that you have had soooo many different experiences in such a short amount of time! I can’t believe you’ll be home in just over a week and I can hear all of your amazing stories!!!

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