Fair Dinkum (also known as THE SCARIEST RUN OF MY LIFE)

I composed this post in my head during my evening run today. We got home at about 5pm, so I only had 20 minutes or so before it got dark. I reallllly wanted to squeeze in a 35 minute run, so I just took off and figured I’d try to get home before it got too dark. K had told me directions to get to an outlook overlooking the ocean, so that was my goal to get to. I had to follow the running path to a bridge, cross the bridge, run up a hill, turn right, go left on the fork in the road, and then follow the little path to the outlook. The running path follows the edge of the golf course here, and everyone had told me that there are tons of kangaroos on the golf course at all times. During my first run along the path, I hadn’t seen any out there, but I also must have been running pretty slowly because I didn’t even make it to the bridge that day. So today, I was running at a good pace and listening to a great playlist and waving to probably no less than 50 kangaroos that I was passing on the golf course! There were soooo many and it was so exciting! There’s a fence surrounding the golf course and I was kind of glad it was there. Back story – lots of people here have warned me to keep my distance from kangaroos. I always think of them like deer, so I wouldn’t have tried to pet one or anything! But people here must think tourists think it’s okay to just go right up to them, so I’ve been warned to stay away so I don’t get kicked or anything. So anyway, I’ve seen kangaroos lots of times now, including yesterday when I was about 6 feet from one as we were driving home and it was right beside the road in someone’s yard! I took a picture and I’ve loved seeing them. Okay back to the current story: I was happy that the fence was there because they really are big animals! It was getting darker as I ran, but I really wanted to get to the ocean so I pushed it a little bit and continued on my way. I heard thrashing in the woods as I ran across the bridge, and pulled my headphones out so I could listen while I ran. K had told me that if I heard noises in the woods it was just kangaroos moving around. I reached the hill and ran up it, following the directions the rest of the way. I had to run through some thick bush before I finally came out onto an AMAZING outlook! It was seriously beautiful! So glad I kept going. There was just enough light to take some pretty pictures and really enjoy the view:

Photo May 10, 5 26 21 PM

Photo May 10, 5 26 30 PM Photo May 10, 5 26 52 PM

Looking back into the bush, it had quickly gotten darker! Here was my view looking back into the path I had to run on:

Photo May 10, 5 27 37 PM

Yes, you can’t even see the path because it’s SUPER DARK! I’m pretty sure I was more skittish about running in the dark because I’m in Australia, and I don’t know the animals well here, but I also didn’t want to trip or anything. I retraced my path and was running pretty fast to try to get home, I was watching out for cars and looking around myself for any dangers (whatever that could mean haha). It was getting darker by the second, but I could see the running path coming back into view (you had to leave the running path to get to the beach view). As I took my first few steps back on the path, I saw a dark shape a few feet from me and jumped about 30 feet in the air when I realized it was a huge kangaroo standing in the yard right beside the path!!!!! It just came out of nowhere and seriously made me jump haha. The start of the running path has you run straight through this section surrounded by trees on both sides, so I sprinted through this area looking every which way trying to see if more roos would jump out at me! I ran on the bridge (which I swear was creaking and cracking beneath me even though it was concrete lol) and continued down the path. For anyone that doesn’t know, I need to wear glasses when driving, watching movies, etc., so obviously dark conditions make it harder for me to see very far. Every single shape became a huge kangaroo to me, and I swear I’ve never run that fast in my life. I took my headphones out and sprinted home. Thank goodness I dodged all those scary tree branches and menacing stumps that had me jumping about as I finished my run.

All in all, it was quite a fun adventure. It’s particularly funny to me because on my first morning run, I did a 20 minute run (so ten minutes down the path before turning around), and I didn’t make it far along at all. (I did get lost on the way to the path that morning, but I still didn’t make it far considering how far I went this time.) This time, I did my entire run in 17 minutes! I could have sworn it was so much longer, but I must have been running so fast on the way home haha.

Oh, and about the title – fair dinkum means “seriously” or “forreal?” or “honestly” or “really?” or “really” or anything like that, so that was the title I had in mind when I composed the relaxing run post that was just supposed to be a quick few sentences about how many kangaroos I saw. Fair dinkum, as in I seriously saw like 50 roos! So as I ran up the last hill to get to the safety of the house, I added the end of the title on in my head. Fair dinkum, it was the scariest run I’ve ever been on!



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