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I saw my first joey poking out of his mom’s pouch!!!!


My hosts this week have a fenced in backyard. To see over the fence I have to stand on my tippy toes to see over it. In the big empty space behind their yard, kangaroos can often be seen. We didn’t see any other there on Sunday or Monday, but there were two roos hanging around out there today for a few hours! I grabbed my camera and took about 50 pictures before they even moved once haha. Then about an hour later they were a little closer so I took about 30 more pictures that all ended up looking the same. And then a little while later they were much closer to the fence, and that was when I saw the joey!! I knew the pouch looked big on one of them, but since I’m not exactly sure how they are normally supposed to look I couldn’t be sure if there was a joey. I was so excited when there was!!







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