Last Night’s Journal Entry and Today’s Fun



I just got home from dinner at MB’s house. It was so much fun and we sat and talked for a few hours. It was MB, her husband G, her daughter S (who is in her late 20’s), and her daughter’s partner B. I loved sitting at the dinner table long after the dishes were cleared just talking. We talked about Australian specific things, American specific things, and just all around things! Topics ranged from native birds (which consisted of getting out the bird books for visuals) to current events to funny stories (which brought out the funny pictures as well) to slang/accents. It really was so much fun and a night I’ll remember for a long time to come. I kept thinking it was just the sort of thing I’m supposed to do here – have dinner with the locals and just talk and talk. We ate the lasagna (yum!) and the tiramisu (yuck! – because I don’t like coffee!) that MB and I made yesterday. We also had wine (I couldn’t even finish my glass lol I don’t like wine). When we talked about the Grafton floods, G mentioned that he had news recordings he could show. S asked him why the heck he had that and he paused and laughed before saying it was to show American visitors haha. S said that’s probably the most boring thing ever to watch. We talked about much more after that, so I completely forgot about it. Then, when I finally went to get my bag to go (G and B had gotten up just a few minutes before), G had the videos cued up on the TV haha! I am so easily entertained and love doing things that make people happy so I didn’t mind watching them at all. In the end, we were all there watching them and it really was interesting! Just funny that we actually did end up watching. It was seriously a great night!

Oh, I don’t think Australians have side dishes! I’ve never had one since I’ve been here! (Mom, you will find this funny!)

And the stars here are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said so on the way over, and MB and G (who were driving me home) got out when we got to M and J’s (my hosts) house. They pointed out some constellations including the Southern Cross! The stars were so bright and clear and I seriously felt like I could touch them! The Milky Way was sprawled across the sky and I couldn’t stop staring. 

So today’s timeline:

7:45am – Get to school

3:30pm – Leave school and walk to MB’s house

3:50-5:06 -Relax on MB’s back porch with her and her daughter (I’m obsessed with her avocado tree!)

5:30-6:30 – Boot Camp! We walked to and from it as well, and it was all really fun! I’d like to do something like it at home. We did ABC tag, deck of cards, and some team running weaves. We were split into teams by when our birthdays were, and I was in the summer group! Haha I thought it was so cool that I was, since I’m really in the winter group with a December birthday, but here December is summer. It’s still fun to think of and so weird. I can’t believe Australians have Christmas in the middle of the summer!

6:45ish-9:15ish – Dinner and dessert and talking

9:30 – Home and writing this!


So I wrote that journal entry last night. Today as I thought about how my computer thinks it’s 4:54 am right now (and it’s really 6:54 pm here), some of the dates on my blog posts will be off. Posting this right now will still have it post as the 11th, but if I post a blog post on a Friday morning for example, it would show up as being posted on Thursday! Not that it really matters in the long run, but it could be confusing if I was really looking at dates and checking when I posted. Also, I’m sure it’s very easy to change the time on my computer, buuuttt I just don’t feel like it.

A few random things:

-I was told my accent sounded very soft and not as harsh as many American accents. The person even thought my accent was Canadian haha! Something that I think about often and that blows my mind (I mentioned this at dinner yesterday also and we talked a lot about accents) is that everyone here doesn’t see themselves as having accents and I’m here with an accent. It’s just so hard to imagine myself having an accent and to imagine these Australians with such obvious accents as thinking they don’t have accents! Today as I was reading with some students, I thought about myself as an American student at school at home with an Australian student teacher and I know I would have thought it was so cool. I’m enjoying being a novelty lol. Today I took a stapler back to the library and asked some older students if they knew where it went. Their reply was, “Woaahhh you have an American accent!” So of course I took a few minutes to answer their questions and ask some of my own.

-I went with C to have coffee (cough milkshake cough) after school again, and we met up with tons of people there. C’s daughter, H, just got back from a 6 week holiday in the States, so we met up with her and just a bunch of other people that she bumped into at the mall. It was really fun and H offered to take me to Byron Bay after the holidays when I’m back in town. H was so nice and I’m looking forward to hanging out with her after I get back from traveling. We had about 15 people at our little table, and I’m having so much fun meeting so many people. H’s best friend, T, had her 2 young daughters there and her mom came by as well. Another friend came with her three kids and I had fun talking to the teeny tiny Aussies. I asked if my voice sounded weird and E (3 years old) said uh huh. I was asking her what certain charms on her bracelet were, and she wanted me to repeat them back to her. She ended up saying lots of words and having me repeat them. She seemed to really like my accent haha or at least think it was weird enough to want to keep hearing it. Her little Australian accent was awesome!

-I had a lime milkshake, which one of the teacher at the school keeps saying I have to try. I was really skeptical of it at first but the coffee shop worker said it was the best one after I ordered it. And guess what??! It tasted exactly like a shamrock shake!! Of course, it was thinner than a shamrock shake, because that’s how milkshakes are here, but it was delicious! Now I’m thinking it’s called a lime milkshake because of the color and not the flavor, but I don’t know.

Photo Apr 11, 3 31 30 PM

-I just had a classic Australian dinner: meat pies and hot chips! Yum yum yum!!!!! Not the prettiest meal, or the healthiest (which is what M said when we were putting it together), but it was DELICIOUS! The meat pie was from the local bakery which made it even yummier.

Photo Apr 11, 6 00 40 PM

-Oh yes, so my Graduation Morning Tea is getting bigger and bigger! Today at the meeting with all of the staff someone brought it up so everyone was aware. This brought on conversations about finding me a cap and gown to wear, bringing all Australian dishes for me to try on that Friday, and having me do something at morning assembly. Some of the funny male teachers started talking about dressing their best for the occasion – which for some reason included dresses and fishnets. I’m half scared that they’ll go through with it haha – okay, not really, but everyone is being so funny about it. I’m so thankful that I got placed at this school because everyone really is so so so so nice. They so do not need to do this for me, and the fact that everyone is having so much fun with it already is just constantly making me smile. I already got word that a gown is secured for me lol, and MB spent some time after school creating a cap. Here’s a picture of her cap-making in progress:

Photo Apr 11, 3 02 51 PM

-Pretty views!!

Photo Apr 10, 10 16 37 PM

Photo Apr 10, 3 39 51 PM


4 thoughts on “Last Night’s Journal Entry and Today’s Fun”

  1. I am shedding tears of joy! I am so very happy that you have met these wonderful people. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. God can be so good! I just want to hug every single one of them for being so genuinely nice and welcoming and loving to you!!!! ~I do want to lodge a complaint with the web-master (ahem): some of us are getting older and the print is teeny tiny and hard to read… Also, I understand not wanting to change the date formatting – and I don’t think you should – because having the system show OUR time and YOUR time is interesting! A little confusing, lol, but interesting!

  2. I’m sooo glad you’re having so much fun!!! Everyone you meet sounds amazing! Graduation day sounds like it’s gonna be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to hear about it.

  3. I’m so excited that you’re meeting so many awesome people! And everything looks so lush and green and beautiful! I’m also glad that you’re getting a graduation celebration. You should try to take some pictures of the stars — I would absolutely love to see what the night sky and constellations look like there!

  4. I am so glad that you are getting a graduation. You sound like you are with some of the nicest people there are and I couldn’t be happier for you. Continue enjoying and blogging. I look forward to them every day. Xoxo

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