Saying Yes

So like I mentioned before, I have lots of plans for when I’m in Sydney and traveling around. While I’m in Grafton though, I have no plans whatsoever. I have a basic checklist (see a kangaroo, watch a cricket game, go to the beach), but nothing specific or planned out. Because of this, I’m just saying yes to every single thing offered to me. It’s a fun way to do lots of stuff and keep busy!

This week, I’m in a classroom where MB is the teacher. MB invited me to walk home with her yesterday after school and help her do some cooking! I love cooking anyway, but I would have said yes either way haha. We made lasagna and tiramisu, and I’m going over for dinner today to eat it! I’m also going to bootcamp with MB and some other teachers, and I’m not really sure what I’m getting myself into lol – people laugh when I tell them I’m going so that doesn’t bode well for my experience. Everyone does keep saying the instructor is a “piece of eye candy,” so that should be good haha. We shall see!

So after school today, I’ll walk home with MB and we’ll head to bootcamp at 5:30 and then have dinner afterwards. MB’s daughter is home from uni with her partner (what they call boyfriends and girlfriends here), and I met them yesterday so it will be fun to have dinner with MB, her husband, her daughter, and her daughter’s partner.

When I got home from MB’s house last night, M (my host) made an amazing dinner:

Photo Apr 09, 6 56 39 PM


Photo Apr 09, 7 02 01 PM


And the puppies sat on my lap while I relaxed (i know it’s hard to tell, but that’s two puppies squished together) :

Photo Apr 09, 6 30 01 PM


And, oh yeah, can’t forget to share a picture of what C and I found in the garden this morning before school started:

Photo Apr 09, 8 23 17 AM

A witchetty grub!!! Yuck! And everyone said this one was small. Indigenous Australians really eat these things!

The magpies are up and sharing their morning calls, so it’s time for me to eat some cornflakes and get ready for school!


3 thoughts on “Saying Yes”

  1. Going with the flow and doing what the locals do is definitely an awesome way to get to explore! And that bug… ah! I can’t wait to hear how your bootcamp and lasagna and tiramisu turned out!

  2. Good luck with bootcamp!! I like their lingo in Australia haha. That bug is gross looking!!!! It reminds me of what Timon and Pumbaa eat.

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