Yamba, NSW

The weather ended up being gorgeous today so we drove to Yamba, NSW, which is around 45 minutes from Grafton I think. M and C took me, and they mentioned that Yamba is a beach that locals frequent often and visit during holidays.  There are tons of beaches in Australia that are very popular with tourists, so it was fun to see one that’s popular with the locals. I remember reading some advice from a previous student teacher who taught abroad in Australia, and she said to make sure to not plan everything down to the minute and to just let locals show you around without a schedule for at least some of your time here. With today consisting of checking out a non-touristy town and its various beaches, eating at a small cafe in a very small town, doing some quick shopping in some little shops, and walking C’s dogs while exploring the neighborhood, I definitely feel like I’m living out that past student teacher’s advice. I know my time in Grafton will be completely different than my time in Sydney, and it’s neat that I get to have such different experiences. I really feel like my entire time in Grafton will be lead by whatever anyone is willing to show me. C already has plans to take me fishing this Saturday before I leave for Sydney, and she’s also planning for all of us to go up to the Gold Coast for a weekend. And ever since I mentioned that I might like to try surfing, she’s been talking about the various people she knows, including her son, who have boards that I can borrow and who could even give me a lesson or two. They say there’s a great beach up at the Gold Coast where I could get some surfing practice as well. Eek! Of course I’m definitely going to try it, but being that far out in the water is a little teeny tiny bit nerve racking! It’s 2:18 in the afternoon and I already feel like I had a completely full Sunday. That could have something to do with the fact that I woke up for the day at 2am. Hmm. Anyway, visiting Yamba was so much fun and I’m excited that I’m spending the week there at some point during my stay. A husband and wife that teach at the school live there, and they’ve invited me to stay for a week. It will be great to be so close to a beach and to be able to take some awesome walks while I’m there. Here are some pictures I took from the day (it was pretty overcast, and actually raining at times, but the views were still beautiful on the coast – once we got back to Grafton we saw that it hadn’t rained at all here and the weather was a nice warm temperature. I just looked at the temperature and it says 66 degrees F, but I swear it was hotter than that while I was just chasing two Golden Retrievers around for an hour with 4 tennis balls – it was a really good workout and I was HOT by the end of it, I would have guessed it was around 75 degrees or so – but I’m bad at guessing as we can all see since it was only 66 lol)













That last shot is the Clarence River from J’s mom’s backyard. Her house is right on the river and I can’t wait to eat dinner there one night and hopefully catch an amazing sunset.

P.S. ELYSE: Thank you so, so, so, so, so much for letting me borrow your camera!


6 thoughts on “Yamba, NSW”

  1. Beautiful photos! Gorgeous beach and river views. It is really a special opportunity to have locals showing you around and I love reading about it!

  2. Your photos are beautiful! I love the design of that building in the second picture. It looks so cool through those neat trees! And is that a small pool by the beach in the first picture?

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