Tea (Written Friday, April 5th)


I just got back from having tea with another teacher at my placement school who lives right across the park from my hosts! M, one of my hosts, has been feeling sick all day, and she apologized profusely as she went back to bed this morning. I didn’t mind having a day to myself to just relax and essentially do nothing. I read some books on my Kindle and browsed through my Australian guidebook and other itinerary type papers. I also watched some TV and played with the puppies a bit. Aztec and Ninja are their names and they are the cutest little dogs ever. I’m so happy to have them as my little lap dogs as long as I stay here. Around 5pm, C, a teacher at my placement school who came with M to pick me up at the train station last night, came over and invited me for tea at around 6:15-6:30. Now, because she asked me for tea, I was thinking we’d have a cup of tea and maybe some light snacks to go with it. I really had no idea what to expect and I guess I was kind of picturing a tea party type thing…Well, I soon found out when I got there that she meant DINNER when she said tea! We talked a lot about the differences between Australia and America and we had a great time just talking while she finished getting dinner ready. Of course, I offered to help, but she said everything was just about ready anyway. C’s husband, G, bicycle races. C and G are both very thin, and I watched as she heaped piles of food onto the plates for us as she talked about how G liked to have a meat and 5 veggies each night as fuel for his rides. We each had a piece of pork, a pile of mashed potatoes, some mashed pumpkin cooked and picked from their pumpkin patch just an hour before, and a mix of steamed string beans, cauliflower, and broccoli. We talked and ate and had a great time. While preparing for dinner, C and I had got to talking about peanut butter and vegemite. She had said I would have to try it after dinner, and so as soon as we finished eating it was time to taste test. She started by buttering a piece of bread (she mentioned that most people eat it on toast) and then opened the jar of vegemite. I caught a whiff of it and must have made a face because C laughed and told G that she didn’t think I would like it if my face was any indication. She spread a very thin layer on the bread and started to give me the slice when G said that she should cut the crust off to give me a true taste. We had been talking earlier about how I have been taking pictures of things for my mom (I asked if it was weird before taking a picture of our dinner!), so C decided to take a picture on my phone of my first taste of vegemite. Well, that picture didn’t quite turn out as we were all laughing too hard at my reaction. It was gross!!!! It was salty and I spent some time trying to decide what it reminded me of, but I really couldn’t think of anything. After that, G asked if I normally had dessert after meals. I said that we sometimes did, but that it was not every day. G suggested to C that we should make apple crumble, and he mentioned how she only made it on special occasions. He had decided that having a visitor was a special occasion, and G said she’d make it if I would eat some. C said I could help so I would feel more at home, and I loved that idea because I love cooking and baking. We quickly whipped up some apple crumble and “chucked” it in the oven. We had been talking about Australian slang all day, and C asked if we say ‘chuck’ in America. I thought for a minute and said that I was pretty sure my dad was the only one who says that. As we were working on the crumble, G was talking about custard and asking if I’d had that. I asked if they had Boston Cream Pie, and if the custard he was talking about was like what was inside that. They decided that it was, and also decided that we should make that as well. That’s G’s specialty, so he started putting it together and my job was to whisk everything together. When the custard was in the microwave, G’s job called him away, so C and I ate the custard while it was hot and then had some apple crumble as well. Okay, C didn’t have any crumble, but I definitely did! She said that G would be really happy with all the leftovers though. We talked some more before it was time for C to drive me home. She decided to take a detour and show me the river. It was an awesome sight to see and it looked so big and ominous in the dark of night. We took another detour to go on a slight kangaroo search, but we didn’t see any. C assured me that I would definitely see some before leaving Australia though. She dropped me at my host’s home and I thanked her tons of times! I went in and sat down with my host and another visitor she had, and we finished watching Maid in Manhattan together. We chatted as we watched, but I was quickly dozing off in my chair. As soon as the movie ended, we all scattered to our rooms to hit the sack. That brings us to now, and it’s time to brush my teeth, wash my face, and go to sleep!


3 thoughts on “Tea (Written Friday, April 5th)”

  1. You’re right, I do think Dad is one of the only ones that uses the word “chuck”. That’s so cool though! Which side of the car is the driver’s side in Australia? It’s so awesome that you got to have a meal like that with fresh vegetables.. that sounds delicious, and C and G sound like very fun people! And I had no idea that vegemite was salty… who knows though, maybe you’ll grow to love it!

  2. That meal sounded so yummy!! Especially dessert 🙂 I can’t believe they had you try vegemite right away haha. At least when other people ask if you’ve tried it you can say you have!

    1. True! So I never have to have it again! haha. Although people keep offering different ways for me to try it that they think might help me like it, but I have no hope.

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