Shopping World and Jet Lag

Yesterday, I had my first experience of Shopping World. Seeing as Grafton is such a small town, their big mall is pretty impressive. C, C’s mom, and J all thought that I would think Shopping World was small, but I thought it was just as big as my hometown mall, if not a little bigger.

A few bullet points:

-I wonder if all Australians drive like they’re race car drivers? Driving on the wrong side of the road is already an experience in itself, and to fly down those small country roads I could swear we’re going 100 mph. In reality, we were going 80 kph (about 50 mph), which was the speed limit. Just riding in a car is such an experience because everything feels so backward!

-C’s elderly mom had quite a few hilarious quips during the day. First of all, J was talking about how she swam with sharks. When she took out a picture to show the cage she was in while being underwater with the sharks, C’s mom couldn’t stop laughing. When she finally did, she barely managed to explain to us that she had though J was actually SWIMMING with the sharks – like holding onto their fins and stuff. She didn’t think it was very cool anymore that J was just in a cage while sharks swam around. J joked that everyone else thought it was cool except for C’s mom. It had us all cracking up. C’s mom also had a few comments about C’s driving: on the way home, as we’re turning around each roundabout thing (there’s one at every intersection it seems), C’s mom quips, “We’re not in a bloody hurry!” To hear the way she said it, I couldn’t stop laughing. She said her nerves were on edge the entire drive.

-Everything is so expensive here!! M was telling me that the prices are so high because nothing is made in Australia and the country has a relatively small population so prices aren’t reduced due to such high demand like they might be elsewhere. I was going to buy some makeup to replace some of mine that was running out, but I think I might try to last the 9 weeks with the scrapes that I have to not spend $30 on one small jar of makeup. Although the tax is included in the list prices, so I guess that’s good. Also the money is interesting here! They have really small $2 coins so that was excited when I found a few of them in my wallet. I expected them to only be worth a few cents but I felt much richer when I realized they were worth $2!

-I woke up at 4:45am yesterday morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. I felt pretty homesick for a while, but I know that getting out and doing things will be the cure for that. We went to the mall around 10 and were back right around noon. I’m not usually one to be back from an outing before noon on a Saturday, so it was fun to have already done something by that time. After we got home, I went in my room and read for a while. I was thinking I might take a nap since I woke up so early, but I didn’t realize I actually fell asleep until M knocked on my door around 7:30. She felt bad for waking me, but she had thought I was awake since my light was on. She had been bringing me dinner and she said to just come out and eat it whenever I wanted. I ended up washing my face and brushing my teeth to freshen up before heading out to eat. She made a Moroccan chicken dish and it was delicious! We watched Bridesmaids and part of Failure to Launch before heading to bed around midnight.

-Now it’s today, Sunday, and I woke up this morning at 2am! I haven’t been back to sleep since and it’s 7:21am! So the clocks were turned back last night which means I got a grand total of 3 hours of sleep last night. I’m not tired at all though! I’m sure this will mean I’m ready for a nap in the afternoon though. This is really the last day I can do this because starting tomorrow I’ll be in the school all day. That means I’m hoping I go to bed at a reasonable time tonight and I don’t see the clock time until at least 6am tomorrow morning! Jet lag is weird.

-I think M and C mentioned heading to a beach today if the weather was nice. It is supposed to rain today but it’s holding out so far so that’s good! I want to go for a run right now but I don’t have a house key so I don’t know if I should wait for my hosts to wake up or what. Matt and Ryan just FaceTimed me and it was fun to see them. Crazy how much I miss everyone and I have quite a while to keep missing them, with 9 weeks here still! I’m definitely looking forward to staying busy by being in the schools and traveling during the two week break coming up. Frankie and I have so much to see and do and it should be awesome!



6 thoughts on “Shopping World and Jet Lag”

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying reading about my experiences! It’s fun to know that people back home are keeping up with what I’m doing over here 🙂

    1. I should! Pictures take so long to upload so I’ve just been typing words and then being done, but adding pictures to all of these will be a great thing to do on a rainy day.

  1. I love hearing about all this! You keep mentioning little things that should be obvious, but I hadn’t thought about until reading your blog. It’s so awesome! I love that you’re keeping busy and having a good time!

  2. Funny that they watch so many American movies. I hope you’re catching up on sleep!
    P.S. C’s mom sounds like she’s fun to be around hahah

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