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On My Mind

  • – i’m going to Australia in 3 months! ….WHAT?!!!


  • – each student teacher has to write and teach a unit this semester. my supervisor sent out the calendar guideline for that the other day outlining how we would work toward completion of our units over time. this calendar spanned over the course of the entire semester, with the teaching of the unit happening in April. instead of following this timeline, i’m teaching my unit on MONDAY. as in less than a week from now. that’s right, i’m starting to teach it as soon as i get back for the semester. i do think that it will be great to get this huge assignment out of the way (although i’ll be constantly teaching all semester, finishing this unit will allow the most structured assignment to be completed), but it’s creating a lot of stress at this moment! i still need to finish my lesson plans and create the entire unit while still giving time for my mentor teacher and supervisor to look it over before the weekend.
  • – christmas this year was great, hanging out with family and relaxing was awesome. i also felt completely spoiled! i got some great new kitchen supplies, like a brita and a george foreman grill, and i got some other fun things like a hat and a car emergency kit and some earrings. i shopped for christmas presents pretty early this year by keeping my eye out for deals online. i got everyone’s gifts over the course of a few months and had them wrapped and ready a week before christmas. this was great and i’ll definitely try to do this every year.
  • – it’s 2013!!!!!
  • – i can’t believe how much time i’ve spent with these 4 people over the past few months. we’ve been inseparable and we’ve made some pretty great memories.


  • – i spent last night downtown watching the strawberry drop, and then brought in the early hours of 2013 watching movies and eating cheese sticks with everyone. it was fun.









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