It’ll be okay

For our final science project, we have to record our science teaching this week. Most people are teaching each day, which gives them 5 lessons to record. After Thanksgiving break, we will take this footage and cut it up and move it around to create a final analyzed video. We need to include talk moves, assessment, evidence, etc. in that final video.
The way 6th grade is at my school, the students only have science every other day. Wednesday was an event day, so we only had science 4 days this week. Four days, every other day, and splitting the time with the other 6th grade student teacher means that I get to teach 2 science lessons. I need to get everything for my final project from these two lessons. I taught on Tuesday and then again today. The lessons themselves were fine, although two days isn’t enough time to teach the topic at all, but they went alright. What didn’t go alright was the filming. MY LESSON DIDN’T RECORD TODAY!!!!!! So now I only have one day of footage and I have to try to get everything I need from that footage! It’s going to be so hard! It’ll be fine and everything will work out (because it has to lol), but it’s still frustrating!! Tomorrow I’m going to film myself having a short ten minute discussion with my class to try to get some of the footage that I need, but today’s lesson was so full of good evidence to use! I wish my lesson would have gone terribly so I wouldn’t mind that it didn’t record. But the kids had such great comments and I kept the discussion going and was able to think on my feet in obvious ways a few times (not obvious to the students hopefully, but obvious to me in a way that I could have used that footage in my portfolio). I just know that I missed out on great footage today.


it’ll be okay.


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