Food, Random


I’m sitting on my couch with Four Weddings on the TV and my feet up on the coffee table. Books and papers are spread out around me and one of my roommates, Elyse, is sprawled on the chair across from me. We both have our laptops open on our laps, seemingly absorbed in our homework. Once in a while, we’ll share something funny or start a random conversation that normally ends in laughter. We’ve been best friends since 7th grade, so this is the norm for us. Elyse is finishing a paper while I write up a lesson plan. We’re both trying to get our work done before heading to Zumba tonight. The blinds are pulled up and the windows are open, letting in the fresh air and subdued light of the evening sun. Cars drive by on the street outside the windows, giving us a smooth lullaby of background noise. As I glance at my huge to-do list, one thought runs through my mind……

Should I do some more homework or make chocolate chip cookies!?

Yummm, Elyse and I made these a few weeks ago and I think we might need to again tonight!