Perfectly Normal

I found this note in my phone from February 8th. I remember writing it as I sat at the bus stop waiting to catch the bus home:

today was one of those perfectly normal days. I was walking across campus to the bus stop at 8:45pm after not having been home since 9 this morning, and I couldn’t help but think that today was such a satisfying day. 

neon hot pink shoes contrasted with deep red brick walkways.

ipod on shuffle but quiet enough to hear my own footsteps through the slush.

tree branches weighted down by a layer of bright white snow.

light from pretty lamps and huge library windows lighting the path.

my body warm in my coat and the crisp air keeping my cheeks a bright shade of pink.

the clean smell of winter.

nothing extraordinary happened, nothing bad happened, it was just normal. and I can’t help but love these days.