I made the gyros and cheddar bay biscuits!! The biscuits tasted exactly like the real Red Lobster ones and they were amazing! I didn’t love the gyro as much as I loved the biscuits, but it was still pretty good! Yay!



Pinterest + Inspiration = pinspiration!!

Today I’m making a very random dinner that was inspired by two pins that I can’t stop thinking about!

Cheddar Bay Biscuits::

And Chicken Gyros::

They completely don’t go together at all but I can’t wait to make them! I already made the┬átzatziki sauce and it’s getting ready in the fridge now. Can’t wait!


Homemade Placemat Clutch

Over Christmas break, I made a clutch out of a pretty placemat for my boyfriend’s sister for Christmas. I love how it came out and I have three more placemats at home that I need to make into clutches for my mom and my sisters! And one for myself!

It started out as a normal-sized rectangular placemat. I just folded it into thirds in a way that I thought looked pretty and then sewed down the sides! It was so easy and I think it came out really cute.

I then added a button to the front and I made an elastic loop (out of a brown hair-tie lol) for the closure.

The inside:

And lastly I added a little flower that my mom had made a few months ago as a pretty finishing touch. I placed it halfway onto the top flap so that it covered the button/closure part when the bag is closed.

And yes, I was so excited about it that I took all of those pictures in the basement while I was still sitting at the sewing machine.

Also, here’s a picture of one of our kitties at home. He likes boxes:

And one of our dogs sleeping on me at night:

And me and my sister being weirdos:

And this is what shopping with my siblings is like:

Okay, I’m done. Enough randomness haha.


Crafts, Photography, School

Visual Journal

Identifying Your Inner Critic:

Photos of a Normal Day:

I added my phone into this next picture to show how big the journal entry is!

and then folded back up again: (with my phone for comparison)

My journal is actually very small so it was fun to include this massive accordion style entry in and to see my teachers face when she asked to see mine =)