Celebrate, Decor, Family


Yay, I’m home for winter break! Christmas is in less than a week and I’m so excited! It feels like we’ve done a lot of celebrating already and there’s still a lot more to come.

We celebrated my birthday with just my immediate family…

…and then celebrated it again (as a joint birthday party with my brother) with a bigger family party with my aunts and cousins and grandma who live around here.

We also decorated the tree and the house, and took some family photos, and made a celebration of all of that as well.

This picture below is so funny. We never really take family pictures or ever make a big deal about a family picture for our Christmas cards, but as we were decorating the tree, we decided to take a few pictures with everyone. Using self-timer, we jumped on the couch and smiled for the picture. Since I was the one pushing the self-timer button, I had to run into the frame quickly and smile, which is never normally a problem. I was also picking up Daisy as I went to include her in the picture too, but still. Anyway, as I sat on the arm of the couch, Alicia suddenly knocked me over and I fell onto everyones laps, prompting both dogs to begin licking my face in excitement. This picture is the result lol and it’s actually the one my mom ended up including in the cards this year!

This below picture is the one we all thought we would go with, but my mom just thought the one above described our family really well =)

p.s. yes, my dad’s shirt says “Dads Against Daughters Dating” haha. he got it as a gag gift (with 3 daughters he probably really does feel that way) and wouldn’t have chosen to wear it in the picture, but this was spur of the moment and it’s just more funniness to add to the pictures.

I love my family ❤




Yesterday was my 21st birthday! =)

I know it isn’t really, but 21 sounds so grown-up and old to me! lol I love it though. I celebrated with a dinner out with friends the night before (since some people had finals on my birthday), and Matt took me out to breakfast in the morning. He also took me out to dinner and to see a movie (I chose Red Lobster and New Year’s Eve – and I loved both of them so much) on Saturday because he had a final starting at 6pm on my birthday. I relaxed and even did some studying for my final that was today. It was a good day and it really is exciting to be 21; I can’t wait to see what this year brings!




Finishing Up

I’m in the library right now studying before my next final. I’m sooo relaxed and I love it. I finished my take-home test, my two projects, my paper, and I even took a final yesterday. I just handed in everything and breathed a huge sigh of relief. I’m normally the biggest procrastinator in the world so I was very proud of myself this weekend; I finished everything that I needed to and I made this handwritten study guide that I’m using to study for my test at 2:30. Writing it out is actually what does the most for me, so reading it over right now is just an extra bonus. I’m actually excited to take this final because I know the information so well (lets hope I still feel that way after I take it!).

Birthday dinner tonight, birthday tomorrow, one more final on Wednesday, and then home on Thursday! Yay!