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If I had to pick one word to describe this current semester, it’d have to be constant. I’ve been constantly going, going, going these past few months. I’ve always heard that your junior year of college is where you get more into your major and things start getting harder. While I can’t necessarily say anything is hard per say, it’s definitely a ton more work. These days, I think back to last year when I could lounge around in my dorm room and read a book and that sounds amazing right now! I normally read a book or two a week, but it took me almost 3 weeks to finish the last book I was reading! It’s just constant everything! With a little over a week left in the semester, everything is coming to a close…but first a million final projects have to be completed and handed in. I have two projects to do tonight that are due tomorrow and I’m teaching a lesson in the morning as well. After that, I can move on to the things that are due on Friday and then on Monday and Tuesday and so on. I really am loving all my classes though; everything is going so well. My Assessment for Instruction class is still so interesting and my Special Education Pre-Student Teaching is going great. I really love it and I love the community of teachers that I get to work with.

Here’s what November looked like:

freezing cold football games
yummy chicken, veggie, and alfredo pasta and apple pie filled apples
double dark chocolate pomegranite cookies..and no, there's no pictures of them after baking lol i have no idea why. i got the recipe from dana-made-it.com under her recipes tab. she posts the best recipes and i always love them. (it's not letting me link up to her blog but it should come right up if you try to find it)
favorite new pillow case with sleeping people on it and a group project for my sociology class
A very emotional week with a scandal rocking Penn State to its core. A heartbreaking week and a heartwarming vigil and game to show that We Are Penn State. One person's actions do not define us all. We're all still praying for the victims and hoping nothing more is to come out of this.
I went to my first wedding! My cousin Geoff married Jessica and it was a beautiful ceremony.
The reception was a blast as well.
this collage might give a hint as to who I hung out with the entire time =) I love them ❤
my favorite picture from the wedding ❤
Thanksgiving!!! Siblings G and D. Haha love these two pictures, nice smiles and then crazy happy smiles lol. they didn't do that on purpose, they were just laughing and being happy
moustaches with cousins
pin the feather on the turkey
brother ❤
sister ❤

Thanksgiving break was really nice, but now it’s time to get back to work! Pretty sure my math teacher just called on me…..




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