Fall, Family

Sister, Sister

Does anyone else remember watching Sister, Sister?

One of my younger sisters, A, came up a few weekends ago, and the title of this TV show kept running through my head. It’s like a little jingle kind of thing and I seriously couldn’t stop thinking it! haha. It was really fun having her come visit, and even though she only stayed one night, I thought we fit a lot in!

She came up on Saturday evening, and we started off the night by going to Jo-Ann Fabrics and getting some supplies (for a project we were making on Sunday). After that, we stopped by my apartment quickly before going downtown to meet up with some of my friends. We all walked around in the rain, went to dinner, stopped at the candy store, and finished the night at the ice cream shop. After we got home, A and I watched Tangled before going to bed.

Sunday ended up being a total craft day! It was so much fun and I can’t wait to share what we made.

She left Sunday afternoon and I can’t wait for her and my other little sister to come visit again!


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