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Farmer’s Market Goodness

Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, pretty flowers, yummy baked goods, homemade drinks and jams, fresh bread, pies, donuts, oh my goodness I could go on and on. I love the Farmer’s Market!

Where I live, it goes on downtown every Tuesday and Friday, but on Fridays, there are a lot more vendors there with lots more selection than on Tuesdays. So even though I sometimes stop by on Tuesdays, I usually save my money to get everything I need on Fridays. Two Fridays ago I got apples, nectarines, and fresh cinnamon raisin bread. This past Friday, I focused on getting fresh vegetables and flowers. I knew I wanted to make sauted veggies for dinner, so I got zuchinni, squash, green peppers, an onion, and potatoes.

This is a horrible cell phone picture, but I just had to share how delicious everything looked all cooked up! I sent this picture to my mom the night we made this =) And Matt brought over the yummy orange pepper that adds the pretty color.

We cooked the potatoes in the oven and also had salmon to go along with this meal. It was soooo good and now I’m making myself hungry!!

Fresh Farmer's Market potatoes
Cute chef
Okay, another horrible picture; I couldn't even tell what it was until I made it big on my computer. Here's all the parts of the meal though: veggies on the left, potatoes in the middle, and salmon in the pan to the right.

Like I mentioned before, the other thing I got at the Farmer’s Market was flowers! I absolutely love fresh flowers. I put them a few places around the house and I love walking in and seeing them.

Exotic pink flower on my dresser

Pretty petals to brighten up the bathroom

And a single little pink guy for the living room

Dinner was amazing, the flowers are beautiful, and the Farmer’s Market was a complete success!


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