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October Fun

This month has gone by so quickly! I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that i started pre-student teaching on the 11th. I’m definitely not used to waking up at 6am every morning; I haven’t had to do that on a daily basis since high school! I was talking to one of my friends who also started pre-student teaching about how I felt like I couldn’t catch up on sleep. She pointed out that even though we now wake up at 6am, we still have the rest of our usual course load so we can’t go to bed any earlier. I’ve been trying to get more use out of my time so that I don’t end up doing work till 11 or 12pm, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

My goal for this week is to go to bed by 10 or even 11 every night. Already I know I can’t do that every day, since I have a meeting starting at 9:30pm on Tuesday. Sigh, college life. =) I know this sounds like a lot of complaining but really I’m enjoying it a lot. It would be nice to catch up on sleep, but I’ve been in a constant good mood lately, so I can’t say I mind too much. Plus, I know I’ll look back on this hectic time in my life and remember it in the best way.

Even though I’ve been busy, I’ve still had enough time to enjoy this fall weather, go to a pumpkin patch (okay, roadside stand, but still), try out some new fall recipes, and really enjoy my pre-student teaching position. I really do love it so much and it’s such a cool experience. I have to teach my first lesson on Thursday. This is kind of a big deal because it’s the first lesson I’ll ever teach to an actual group of students!! Luckily, it’s only a small group of three students, so that’s a very nice way to ease into everything. The more nerve wracking thing will be having 4 adults watching me intently as I teach the students. Honestly, if it was just the students and I, I wouldn’t be nervous at all. I’m sure it will go great though, and I’m excited to get this first experience under my belt.

Here’s some pictures of what’s been going on in October:

My friends Anne, Elise, Elyse and I went shopping and all ended up buying so much stuff at Charlotte Russe because they were having a huge sale. I got four pairs of shoes for $7 each! Seriously, I’m amazed I didn’t buy every pair there. I love the ones I got so much though!

hahaha these next pictures kill me. We found a cardboard cutout and of course Elyse and I had to pose with it. Regular faces vs. tough faces. (The order I put them in doesn’t do the story justice, but this order made me laugh the most. Elyse actually smiled nicely for her picture, then for my turn I decided to make a tough face. Then the next picture is me laughing at my tough face. Then we had Elyse do a tough face too since it was so funny. But, yeah, this order is the funniest). We didn’t even buy anything in this store, we just ran inside, took tons of pictures with their cutout, and then went back out to keep walking around the mall.

Tailgating before the Homecoming game was really fun. We ate lots of pumpkin donut holes and had hot apple cider yum =)

And let’s take a minute to look at how photogenic Matt and I are. Man, great pictures haha. Elyse just took a bunch in a row of us being weird and they turned out so ridiculous. They make me laugh though.

Pumpkin picking and carving! Yay! I loved how my pumpkin turned out even though he fell apart after two days =( I’ll have to work on the structural soundness of mine next year.


October has been such a fun month and it really has gone by so fast. I was doing homework for my math class today and I realized that we only have 4 more homeworks due! That’s how I’m measuring time lol, but really I feel like I just did my first homework for that class last week.

Let’s talk about one more thing..the SNOW YESTERDAY! I so did not expect that! I’m really glad that I did fall-ish things before it became winter all of the sudden. I did want to decorate for fall more, but I’ll have to have that goal for next year. Looks like I can start decorating for Thanksgiving though! Can’t believe it’s only a few weeks away.



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First Room Decoration

I LOVE what my sister and I made for my room. We spent a few hours working on it when she was here and I think it turned out great.


my pennant banner!!!

It’s the first decoration in my completely white room so it’s pretty exciting. =)

There are a million and one pennant banner tutorials out there, so I know it isn’t necessary for me to explain how I made this. However, I thought it’d be fun to show the step-by-step of how a pennant banner is made in a college student’s apartment. I didn’t even follow one of those 1,000,001 tutorials; I just knew to cut out triangles and put them on some kind of stringing thing and hang them up. So that’s what I went by and it was all very scientific.


Step 1: Buy fabric. It’s not imperative that you get lost and end up in a Jo-Ann Fabrics parking lot and buy your fabric at that time, but if you’re following what we did exactly then you’d need to do that too. A and I picked 5 coordinating fabrics that we thought represented me well and would look pretty in my room. We weren’t sure how much of each fabric to get, but we ended up getting 1/3 of a yard of each. I thought that wouldn’t be enough at first, but it ended up being more than we needed, which worked out well. This is 3 of the 5 fabrics we chose.


Step 2: Measure fabric.Our fabric pieces were each around 44 inches long, so we decided to make our triangles about 8 inches wide at the top. I measured along the fabric on the top and bottom edge and (now this is the technical part) made dots with my highlighter every 4 inches. Be sure to use yellow highlighter and sometimes make the dots so light that you cant see them and have to guess where they are. Well, I didn’t do that on purpose but it worked out anyway. I marked every 4 inches so that I would know where the points were in relation to the top part of the triangle. This way, we could connect the dots in a zig zag fashion and get twice as many triangles.


Step 3: Connect your dots and cut along those lines. First, get a Macbook Pro box to use as a hard surface and then get a desk calendar to use as a straightedge. I connected the dots with pencil, going up and down diagonally. So I drew the lines in a way that essentially looked like this: /\/\/\/\/\/\/\

My cuts weren’t perfectly straight, but it didn’t matter at all. You can’t even tell now that it’s hanging up.


Step 4: Continue drawing lines and cutting along them for what seems like forever. Listen to Tik Tok Radio on Pandora while doing this. Also, smile when your sister takes a picture of you and tells you to make a serious face.

(Yes, those are Post-It notes taped onto my window screen. There were holes in it when I moved in and I didn’t want bugs to come in. The obvious solution was to tape Post-Its over the holes and it has worked great so far. Also a great look overall. Very classy.)


Step 5: Hand the cut triangles to your sister as you go. She will iron them very nicely. We thought about putting a backing on the triangles for about one second, until we realized we probably wouldn’t have enough fabric for that and also we didn’t feel like doing more work. Turns out we most likely did have enough fabric for that, but oh well. Ironing them really made them keep their shape and since I hung them against a wall, you can’t see through them or anything. Ironing them really made a huge difference, so this is the one step I wouldn’t skip if I were you. Well, I’d recommend not skipping the step where you cut out the pieces either, or even measuring them, those are both pretty important. Actually most of the steps are. Moving on.


Step 6: Find a random bunch of white ribbon in your drawers and decide to use that as the base of the banner. Then, using a hot glue gun, glue the ironed triangles to your length of ribbon. We first made sure the ribbon was the right length to fit in the place we wanted to hang it, of course. Pro tip: have your sister hold the ribbon on either side of the length you’re glueing at the moment. If you don’t, the ribbon will react to the heat of the glue by shrinking and curling up on itself. Once you glue the fabric down though, it stays perfectly.

Ta-da! You have a finished banner!

P.S. I painted that painting a few years ago. I took it off of my wall at home and brought it up here to try to fill up some of the white space.

P.P.S. It’s hanging on a push pin.

P.P.P.S. The banner is also hanging with the help of push pins. Just one on either end and you’re good to go. They’re clear though, so again, very classy.

This was really fun to make. I had a few extra triangles so we also hung some more banners over my desk and outside my door. It was like a banner explosion, but in a good way. I definitely need some more things on my walls, but I think this is a very good start.



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Sister, Sister

Does anyone else remember watching Sister, Sister?

One of my younger sisters, A, came up a few weekends ago, and the title of this TV show kept running through my head. It’s like a little jingle kind of thing and I seriously couldn’t stop thinking it! haha. It was really fun having her come visit, and even though she only stayed one night, I thought we fit a lot in!

She came up on Saturday evening, and we started off the night by going to Jo-Ann Fabrics and getting some supplies (for a project we were making on Sunday). After that, we stopped by my apartment quickly before going downtown to meet up with some of my friends. We all walked around in the rain, went to dinner, stopped at the candy store, and finished the night at the ice cream shop. After we got home, A and I watched Tangled before going to bed.

Sunday ended up being a total craft day! It was so much fun and I can’t wait to share what we made.

She left Sunday afternoon and I can’t wait for her and my other little sister to come visit again!

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Farmer’s Market Goodness

Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, pretty flowers, yummy baked goods, homemade drinks and jams, fresh bread, pies, donuts, oh my goodness I could go on and on. I love the Farmer’s Market!

Where I live, it goes on downtown every Tuesday and Friday, but on Fridays, there are a lot more vendors there with lots more selection than on Tuesdays. So even though I sometimes stop by on Tuesdays, I usually save my money to get everything I need on Fridays. Two Fridays ago I got apples, nectarines, and fresh cinnamon raisin bread. This past Friday, I focused on getting fresh vegetables and flowers. I knew I wanted to make sauted veggies for dinner, so I got zuchinni, squash, green peppers, an onion, and potatoes.

This is a horrible cell phone picture, but I just had to share how delicious everything looked all cooked up! I sent this picture to my mom the night we made this =) And Matt brought over the yummy orange pepper that adds the pretty color.

We cooked the potatoes in the oven and also had salmon to go along with this meal. It was soooo good and now I’m making myself hungry!!

Fresh Farmer's Market potatoes
Cute chef
Okay, another horrible picture; I couldn't even tell what it was until I made it big on my computer. Here's all the parts of the meal though: veggies on the left, potatoes in the middle, and salmon in the pan to the right.

Like I mentioned before, the other thing I got at the Farmer’s Market was flowers! I absolutely love fresh flowers. I put them a few places around the house and I love walking in and seeing them.

Exotic pink flower on my dresser

Pretty petals to brighten up the bathroom

And a single little pink guy for the living room

Dinner was amazing, the flowers are beautiful, and the Farmer’s Market was a complete success!