Fall, Nature, Outside

First Day of Fall

Friday was the first day of fall! The weather was gorgeous in the morning and it fit the day perfectly. After waking up early to meet some friends for breakfast, I was off to my first class of the day. On Fridays, I have class from 9-11 and then a big break until class from 3:30-4:30. I usually use this break to go home and do laundry, eat lunch, and get some homework done. Since the day was so nice, I decided to read a book outside and wait for Matt’s class to end at 12:05 so we could walk home together.

The path connecting campus and my apartment complex is so nice and I love walking along it. You get to completely bypass all the traffic and noise that would normally accompany you on your walk home if you took the main road. So, it’s always a nice walk, but on this first day of fall it was extra pretty. I can’t wait to see how the pretty path changes with the seasons.

Our walk consisted of:

Being excited for leaves on the ground...and throwing them over our heads
Watching cute old men and their wives play golf
Enjoying pretty yellow flowers
And taking a million pictures of said pretty yellow flowers
(correction: a million and one)
Stopping to smell the pretty reddish-pinkish flowers
Squealing over anything that looked remotely "fallish," like red trees and a line of leaves on the edge of the path
Taking pictures of ourselves
Finding a trail completely covered in leaves
Spotting a red wheelbarrow, but no white chickens
And playing hide-and-seek

It started drizzling when we were a few minutes away from our apartments, and the drizzle soon turned into a full-out rain. I can’t say I minded too much though, because I got to wear my new rainboots and use my new umbrella.

Later when it stopped raining, I changed again into a dress and fall boots for going out to dinner. =)

All in all, I’d have to say I had a pretty good first day of fall.

xoxo, Sarah


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