Procrastination…and Bedroom Plans

Why is it impossible to do homework sometimes? So far today I’ve rearranged my bedroom, cleaned my bathroom, gone grocery shopping, made lunch, made cookies, and now I’m sitting here on my computer finding anything else to do other than my work! The problem is that nothing is due till Tuesday so I have no motivation to hurry up and do it. Ughhhh.

What I really want to do is decorate my bedroom! I moved in almost a month ago now and I still have nothing on the walls. I rearranged some of the furniture today and I like the change. I have big plans for my room but not a big budget so hopefully I can get creative and thrifty and make it a really relaxing space. I’ll have to take pictures of my room now so I can compare the before and after pictures. I can’t wait to get started on it!

I’ve been saving tons of bedroom ideas on Pinterest and I love it. The only problem is that I have so many different pins that it’d be impossible to include all the ideas in one room. I seriously love them all even though some of the pins make up completely different vibes and spaces. Oh well, that’s the beauty of rearranging and revamping and recreating! Here are two of the ideas I’m loving right now.

Love the patterned blanket against the white comforter, and the plant and flowers too.

The walls in my apartment are white, and since I can’t change that, I’m finding myself drawn to crisp, white spaces. Of course, I need that splash of color in there somewhere, so I’m working to find that too. I love this deep red with the white in both of these pictures and I think it looks really pretty paired with a bright green plant. I didn’t realize that I had a thing for red/white rooms until I looked at my Pinterest board and saw all the red and white bedrooms I’d pinned. I’m glad to see how good these rooms look with white walls, and I love the idea of playing up a color through accents.

Red draped fabric and a mirror in the middle

The red vases in this picture really pull it together. I seriously can’t wait to get started decorating!

…I guess I should attempt to do some homework before I go back to pinning some more inspiration. =) Maybe I’ll make the trek to the library, that always gets me in the right mindset.

xoxo, Sarah


1 thought on “Procrastination…and Bedroom Plans”

  1. Love this red and white theme! The nice thing about using color as an accent is that you can invest in a few quality standout items as accents, and because the rest of the room is understated in white, spend less on those things. The curtain on the wall would be simple to do if you found sound fabric at a fabric wholesaler (I have one near where I live, for example), and some people might have one of those ficus-style tall plants from Michael’s that you could put in your room. Since you are in college you wouldn’t have to worry about watering it! Good luck on the room – btw, also love the title of your blog and the meaning behind it.

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