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When did it suddenly become autumn? Don’t get me wrong, I love fall and everything that comes with it. I just wasn’t expecting it quite yet. The weather has been hot lately, as in middle-of-the-summer-hot, so fall wasn’t anywhere on my radar. I thought our first cool day with weather in the high 50’s and low 60’s was just a fluke, but now we’ve had 3 more following it and I think fall might be here to stay.

Now that it is fall though, I’m so excited about it! Boots and sweaters, apple pies and pumpkin carving, scarves and hats, hay bales and cool winds! I really want some new boots for this season, and here are some that I’m craving:

Boot Wishlist

Cri de Coeur knee length boots
155 – fashion-conscience.com

Dr. Martens cuffed boots
$150 – infinityshoes.com

Minnetonka suede knee high boots
$90 – nordstrom.com

Black Poppy leather high heels
$50 – pacsun.com

Charlotte russe boots
$43 – charlotterusse.com

Wedge heel boots
$33 – urbanog.com

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