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First Day of Fall

Friday was the first day of fall! The weather was gorgeous in the morning and it fit the day perfectly. After waking up early to meet some friends for breakfast, I was off to my first class of the day. On Fridays, I have class from 9-11 and then a big break until class from 3:30-4:30. I usually use this break to go home and do laundry, eat lunch, and get some homework done. Since the day was so nice, I decided to read a book outside and wait for Matt’s class to end at 12:05 so we could walk home together.

The path connecting campus and my apartment complex is so nice and I love walking along it. You get to completely bypass all the traffic and noise that would normally accompany you on your walk home if you took the main road. So, it’s always a nice walk, but on this first day of fall it was extra pretty. I can’t wait to see how the pretty path changes with the seasons.

Our walk consisted of:

Being excited for leaves on the ground...and throwing them over our heads
Watching cute old men and their wives play golf
Enjoying pretty yellow flowers
And taking a million pictures of said pretty yellow flowers
(correction: a million and one)
Stopping to smell the pretty reddish-pinkish flowers
Squealing over anything that looked remotely "fallish," like red trees and a line of leaves on the edge of the path
Taking pictures of ourselves
Finding a trail completely covered in leaves
Spotting a red wheelbarrow, but no white chickens
And playing hide-and-seek

It started drizzling when we were a few minutes away from our apartments, and the drizzle soon turned into a full-out rain. I can’t say I minded too much though, because I got to wear my new rainboots and use my new umbrella.

Later when it stopped raining, I changed again into a dress and fall boots for going out to dinner. =)

All in all, I’d have to say I had a pretty good first day of fall.

xoxo, Sarah

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Craftiness in a Dorm Room

Sadly, I barely did any crafting while living in different dorm rooms for two years. I’m not sure if it was a result of being busy, a result of the rooms only having a bed and desk so no room to spread out and create, or maybe it was a result of just never feeling completely settled. Whatever it was, I definitely want to change that now that I’m in an apartment.

This is the extent of my “craft”/art supplies right now:

 A glue gun and some glue sticks, crayons and markers, pastels, fabric paint, play doh, some stickers, and a few other random things.

I would like to note that my stash is very organized =), so at least that’s one good point about it. However, I think I might like it better if it didn’t fit so nicely into that drawer. Some things I’d like to add to my craft drawer ASAP are fabric, ribbon/string, and glue. (aka pennant banner supplies).

First order of business is creating some bedroom decorations, and I’d love to hang a pennant banner somewhere in my room. With my plain white walls I could definitely use some color. Actually thinking this out makes me want to go buy these supplies tomorrow and get started! It’s seriously such a good way to add an easy and cheap decoration to my room, I think I’ll add it to my to-do list for the week.

I’m linking up to Kitchen Funk to show off how I store my craft supplies =)




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This week has been the craziest of the semester so far; I feel like I haven’t taken a breath since Sunday night! I did manage to do some baking while doing homework though. Sometimes I just want the satisfaction of making something, but I don’t have much time.

I ended up making cupcakes from a boxed cake mix, and I even used store-bought frosting which is a huge no no when I’m at home. My  mom makes amazing homemade icing so we never use store-bought, but this time it was too easy to pass up.

It was perfect to be able to mix up the batter and then get some assignments done while I waited for them to bake.

When I’m at home, this many cupcakes would last about 3 days with our family of 6. Here at school, I’ll be having cupcakes for a lot longer, even after giving some away to my roommates and friends.

some without sprinkles..
and, my favorite, some with sprinkles

This past Sunday, before my week got crazy, I actually made my favorite cookies ever. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. Unfortunately, they’re all gone already =( They’re so good and everyone loves them so much, they really didn’t last long at all. I saw the recipe on MADE (a blog I LOVE) back in November of last year, and I knew I had to try them. I love soft cookies and even though I don’t remember ever trying pumpkin cookies before, I thought it’d be worth it to make them. Oh my goodness they are amazing. They’re seriously my favorite cookie ever and everyone who has tried them has loved them just as much. I’ll definitely need to make those again soon. I’ve never even made the cream cheese frosting that Dana puts on top, although I really should try that some day.

I’m looking forward to this weekend and doing some relaxing along with going to the football game and practicing for a lesson presentation that I have on Monday morning. Oh man, that sounds busy already. I’m planning to start the weekend off right though, with breakfast tomorrow morning with friends and then a bike ride later after classes. I can’t wait to explore the bike path near my apartment some more. My boyfriend, Matt, and I rode it for 3 miles last week and we wanted to keep going but it was getting dark. So we rode the 3 miles back and I’ve been wanting to explore it further ever since.

The local Farmer’s Market also takes place every Friday (along with every Tuesday), so I might stop by if I have a chance. Last week I bought peaches and fresh cinnamon raisin bread and they were both delicious.

Oh, and completely random, but when I went to bed last night I looked over at my night stand and saw this:

Happy little ghost friend!

It made me laugh to see this little guy glowing in the dark next to my bed. I know the picture is really dark, but I wanted it to show exactly what I saw from my bed. He’s just a faint glowing ghost with a huge smile haha. He’s actually on a little pail that I got in the dollar section of Target. I know it’s a little early for Halloween stuff, but it was too cute to pass up. I got one pail with a ghost and one with a spider. Here’s what they look like with the light on:

Since I change bags almost every day, switching between my backpacks and messenger bags and laptop bags, I put all my little necessities that need to change bags with me into these pails at the end of the day. It makes it really easy for me to throw it all into whatever bag I grab before leaving for the day.

Anyway, really random post.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to relax a lot this weekend, while still being productive. Wish me luck!

xoxo, Sarah


Procrastination…and Bedroom Plans

Why is it impossible to do homework sometimes? So far today I’ve rearranged my bedroom, cleaned my bathroom, gone grocery shopping, made lunch, made cookies, and now I’m sitting here on my computer finding anything else to do other than my work! The problem is that nothing is due till Tuesday so I have no motivation to hurry up and do it. Ughhhh.

What I really want to do is decorate my bedroom! I moved in almost a month ago now and I still have nothing on the walls. I rearranged some of the furniture today and I like the change. I have big plans for my room but not a big budget so hopefully I can get creative and thrifty and make it a really relaxing space. I’ll have to take pictures of my room now so I can compare the before and after pictures. I can’t wait to get started on it!

I’ve been saving tons of bedroom ideas on Pinterest and I love it. The only problem is that I have so many different pins that it’d be impossible to include all the ideas in one room. I seriously love them all even though some of the pins make up completely different vibes and spaces. Oh well, that’s the beauty of rearranging and revamping and recreating! Here are two of the ideas I’m loving right now.

Love the patterned blanket against the white comforter, and the plant and flowers too.

The walls in my apartment are white, and since I can’t change that, I’m finding myself drawn to crisp, white spaces. Of course, I need that splash of color in there somewhere, so I’m working to find that too. I love this deep red with the white in both of these pictures and I think it looks really pretty paired with a bright green plant. I didn’t realize that I had a thing for red/white rooms until I looked at my Pinterest board and saw all the red and white bedrooms I’d pinned. I’m glad to see how good these rooms look with white walls, and I love the idea of playing up a color through accents.

Red draped fabric and a mirror in the middle

The red vases in this picture really pull it together. I seriously can’t wait to get started decorating!

…I guess I should attempt to do some homework before I go back to pinning some more inspiration. =) Maybe I’ll make the trek to the library, that always gets me in the right mindset.

xoxo, Sarah

Wish lists


When did it suddenly become autumn? Don’t get me wrong, I love fall and everything that comes with it. I just wasn’t expecting it quite yet. The weather has been hot lately, as in middle-of-the-summer-hot, so fall wasn’t anywhere on my radar. I thought our first cool day with weather in the high 50’s and low 60’s was just a fluke, but now we’ve had 3 more following it and I think fall might be here to stay.

Now that it is fall though, I’m so excited about it! Boots and sweaters, apple pies and pumpkin carving, scarves and hats, hay bales and cool winds! I really want some new boots for this season, and here are some that I’m craving:

Boot Wishlist

Cri de Coeur knee length boots
155 – fashion-conscience.com

Dr. Martens cuffed boots
$150 – infinityshoes.com

Minnetonka suede knee high boots
$90 – nordstrom.com

Black Poppy leather high heels
$50 – pacsun.com

Charlotte russe boots
$43 – charlotterusse.com

Wedge heel boots
$33 – urbanog.com

Pretty pictures

Elyse and I took some pretty pictures the other day. We found out that there is a trail running between our apartments so we had to check it out. It ended up being only a ten minute walk! Elyse walked on the trail first a few times, and she told me that there were horses back there and that it was so pretty. I couldn’t wait to check it out, but it rained for about a week straight. Finally, on Thursday it was gorgeous outside and so we brought our cameras and went for a walk. Of course, I ended up using her camera the whole time because it’s amazing. 🙂

We were sad because the horses weren’t there, but I still had fun taking tons of pictures. 



Days pass by so quickly, and every little moment is worth remembering. I wanted to start a blog to capture everything from my everyday adventures to my everyday thoughts. Through it, I also want to chronicle my journey into photography, DIYs, sewing, fashion, cooking & baking. I love the idea of looking back at what my life was like one year ago, one month ago, and even one day ago. Being a college student, I don’t expect my thoughts, whims, and interests to stay very stable, but you know what? That’s the beauty of it ❤

xoxo, Sarah

yellow flowers
Pretty little flowers from yesterday